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  1. omg. Pinky! Wow man, what's it been? Like 7 years? What have you been up to?
  2. Hey Gal, can we get a link for the map pack so we can start pushing it to our regulars?
  3. The map pack has been added to the server's FTP. I suggest we get them into the map folder and test ASAP. We def. need some new maps.
  4. I'd like to see a old school mode reinvigorated.... With a bit of a twist. VIP Mode. Except instead of just the CT team having a VIP they have to protect to win the round, the T's also have a "Terrorist Leader" that the CT's have to kill in order to win.
  5. I'd also like to see a mode where the CT's are the one defending each site.... And the T's have to overtake the CT's and "hack" something at each site in order to win the round.
  6. Sure, do whatever you gotta do to not harm the public. Maybe the guys in the pub can be the last to join the actual 10-man server... stagger 2 ever minute or so... It's not SUPER strict... Just try not to kill the server. Keep an careful eye on it is all we ask.
  7. I've always wanted a map mode that allowed the T's or CT's to "modify" the map in the middle of a game.... In other words, have (just tossing out numbers) 4 bombsites and at the beginning the T's and CT's somehow "eliminate" one each... So there is only two left. This will make the same "map" a far more interesting experience as it kind of changes the layout everytime, so the T's and CT's would have to adjust strategies on the fly... Would be super interesting for competitive play too. The strats a team would have for A and B site would have to be completely different from if only A and C wer
  8. Also: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125528758&searchtext=
  9. Check this out. I'll be looking into this further tomorrow. Looks very interesting! http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/02/07/counter-strike-global-offensive-map-workshop-now-available
  10. Please let this thread die. Please post all 10man coordinations and timeframes into the pinned topic. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, As it seems our in-house scrims have proven to be very popular, I thought it was deserving of a sticky for a couple of reasons... - To keep them active, having it stickied is a constant reminder to new\old members as the thread doesn't "disappear" at the bottom. - Gives a general list of tips so that the public server isn't killed in popularity during the times these are taking place. Leadership loves the fact that everyone enjoys scrimming, however we have to also keep in mind why OSG is so popular to begin with, and that's because of the pub. We have to cater to this crowd
  12. Wasn't their either, but I suggest you not ask OSG members to suck your dick if you want to continue playing here. Please follow server rules when ban is up.
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