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  1. omg. Pinky! Wow man, what's it been? Like 7 years? What have you been up to?
  2. Put an old v new for easy comparison!
  3. ^Hmm, that is tough. Personally I've always wanted to find a gym that had the equipment I needed AND "personal" trainers in set stations around the gym. I'd pay more for a standard membership if it meant that every 6-7 machines there was a trainer helping and guiding people that had questions. Sure, it kind of takes away the "personal" in personal training, but to be honest, I think PT are too pricey for me to pay for, I just don't see myself setting aside 30-60 bucks for an hour of of personal training, and I think a lot of people feel taht way too... it can get pretty pricey to pay for one twice a week for X months. If there was a gym that had it's trainers paid by the hour to watch a "zone" of equipment, and answer questions or assist... I'd pay 60-80 bucks a month in gym membership for that... And seeing as how most gyms are only charging $9-15 for a monthly membership, I'd just toss a guess out there and say it's do-able... But that's just me guessing. ps: I'm not saying PTs aren't worth it, I know they are, as I was in great shape once and switched gyms and got a few free sessions, and that guy killed me and made me sore... but the fact still remained that I just didn't have THAT much extra money to pay.
  4. ps: Finally glad you guys started posting! I was worried for a bit that this was gonna die here, especially since it's been a popular thread in other places.
  5. That is AMAZING experience. Being under-paid sucks of course, but like you said, nothing is more valuable then experience. Just be sure to not be afraid to eventually either demand to be paid what you're worth, or find another company that will. I got lucky in being laid off, and even luckier than I can imagine to land at a new company like this... So when it comes to someone with your experience, getting paid what you're worth is just a matter of finding a new company looking for a hard worker. Do you have any good from-the-ground-up Networking docs you could send me? I don't need to learn how to configure a switch type level of knowledge, but I def. need to learn more than I currently know.
  6. Awesome! That's kind of what I did, I went from the Operations (Glorified security guard for servers) to where I am at now through kind of the same way you are.... I will get you some material.... You'd be surprised how all-inclusive it is. They are 600 page PDF's, but they *LITERALLY* go from "This is what a server is" to "Here is how you fully design a SAN Fabric". Also, there is a ton of information out there as well that can be had for free. And yeah, storage is actually my weak point.. and networking in general.. Blah.
  7. Here is a tip I learned. Customize your resume. Have multiple ones. One for cashier type jobs, one for the jobs that require schooling, and then with each job tailor it to suit the job you are applying at... It does take a little longer, but your success rate sky rockets. Oh and the reason you aren't getting hired as a cashier is probably BECAUSE of your education. Think about it, would you hire someone that just needs a for-now job that will split as soon as he can get something more associated to his education? Or would you hire the 17 year old high school drop out who has no education and will most likely work there much longer than someone such as yourself? It costs a good chunk of change and a lot of money to hire and train someone, so businesses hate high turn over rates. Remove that education. Don't mention it. It's tough to not try and shine yourself in the best possible light during an interview, but the above is true, oddly enough. Good luck man! Also, do you do Cross Fitness training? It seems to me that a Cross-Fit gym doesn't require nearly as much equipment and the prices for a monthly membership is MUCH higher than a standard gym that has to buy all that stuff.
  8. Thanks! I fully agree about the next level up statement. I'm actually eye-ing a role in my company about 4 levels up, with a slight move to the presales team. The experience I'm getting now will be extremely important to getting that role which is one reason why I chose this position (The one that required the move) versus that stay-at-home-and-dont-change-anything position I was offered in Tampa.. I think it's important to always look at where you wanna be. It's also important to be content and happy where you are at currently, as it's not healthy to be miserable in the now and always hoping things will get better. I'd say if a person went more than 1-2 years being unhappy but hoping things get better, than that person needs to re-evaluate what they are striving for and how long they can keep that up.
  9. That's awesome man, what field of IT are you trying to get in? I may be able to help somehow, if not, well, it's always fun to talk shop. I'm obviously biased, but backup\recovery and storage are two areas that aren't going away anytime soon, especially with the technological revolution we are still going through, data is being created at faster and faster speeds and it's all gotta be stored, and backed up. It's a good career.
  10. So, what exactly are you doing to become successful? I use the term loosely, so define it as you wish... Successful in personal life, marriage, finances, business, etc. Before I get into mine, I did want to share this video. My old boss sent me this video after he read a post on my facebook about how I stayed up all night because I was engrossed in my work studies and didn't want to stop. He said he was happy to see me taking the tough steps to be successful, and that the part in the video about no-sleep made him think of me. It's a little cheesey, but it's worth a watch in my opinion. I usually watch it first thing in the morning to mentally prepare me for the next 10-14 hours of studying at my desk, in my tiny ass apartment, in the middle of no where. lol. I'd also like to add that my definition of success is waking up and being happy with life. I am pretty happy at this point, but there are areas that will make me even more happy. Having a great marriage, and having some well raised kids, will be my ultimate success story when it happens. Money comes in goes, but of course it's nice to have and it does unlock doors and makes things "easier" in a way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsSC2vx7zFQ&list=PLAx_TLdr0Qw9MbBcQ24Hp_hpUNq6_a0Vv Oh and I love this video too. It gets me pumped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5OookwOoY As for me, I got a new job at my dream company almost 5 months ago after being laid off out of no where from the company I was working for almost 7 years. I put my resume out the day I got laid off and started searching for a new one... and 2 days later got calls about this job. It required a move to a different state, and since I had just recently met what was soon to be my girlfriend 4 weeks prior, I was hesitant to move... Not only because I knew immediately how good of a catch I found in her, but my entire family and friend base is in Tampa.. The decision to move I had to make was made even tougher because I was also offered a work-from-home position with the SAME company, so I didn't even have to move! The two positions I was offered had slight differences, but the Boston one paid a little more, started me at a level 2, and would give me more real world experience and offered faster growth potential.. It was tough, but I chose to move, and left my life in Tampa to take the better experience\growth position. So now, I don't know anyone here in the Boston area, as all I really do is sit and study in between clients, and I'm perfectly fine with that. This year or two is about my career and growing my knowledge. I'm in my last year of my 20's and although it'll be quite boring, I'll be thankful to eventually get back to Tampa, putting in a transfer to continue working for this company, with a lot more knowledge and experience under my belt. I got a super tiny apartment to keep costs low, and am actually putting my house in Tampa on the market and preparing to save every dime I can to put what I hope to be a 50% down payment on my next house. It may not be the best use of that kind of money at these interest rates, but I'll sacrifice a little bit of investment gains in order to be able to afford a house on a single-worker family income, even if it means flipping burgers if it ever gets to that for some reason. I also am putting all my finances to paying off my car loan as well, which will be paid off in a couple months (5 year loan paid off in 2yr 4months w00t). If something else comes up, I'll deal with that as well. It's the only way to keep moving forward. So, what are you guys doing to be (or did to become) successful? I like hearing stories about this kinda stuff. Good motivation and it's a nice break from the usual banter.
  11. Just wanted to drop in and say Hi to everyone. I've been MIA the last month, focusing on work studies and taking a much needed break from gaming for a bit. I'll be back shortly, and can't wait to start fragging with you guys again...Especially now that I'm back on my gaming computer. :) I'm down for a 10-man as well most nights, I usually need a study break around that time since I've normally done about 8-10 hours studying at that point. Miss you bastards! Expect more from me soon <3
  12. Hey Gal, can we get a link for the map pack so we can start pushing it to our regulars?
  13. The map pack has been added to the server's FTP. I suggest we get them into the map folder and test ASAP. We def. need some new maps.
  14. Yeah I hear myself in there, lol. I remember that night, it was pretty hilarious.
  15. I'd like to see a old school mode reinvigorated.... With a bit of a twist. VIP Mode. Except instead of just the CT team having a VIP they have to protect to win the round, the T's also have a "Terrorist Leader" that the CT's have to kill in order to win.
  16. I'd also like to see a mode where the CT's are the one defending each site.... And the T's have to overtake the CT's and "hack" something at each site in order to win the round.
  17. Sure, do whatever you gotta do to not harm the public. Maybe the guys in the pub can be the last to join the actual 10-man server... stagger 2 ever minute or so... It's not SUPER strict... Just try not to kill the server. Keep an careful eye on it is all we ask.
  18. I've always wanted a map mode that allowed the T's or CT's to "modify" the map in the middle of a game.... In other words, have (just tossing out numbers) 4 bombsites and at the beginning the T's and CT's somehow "eliminate" one each... So there is only two left. This will make the same "map" a far more interesting experience as it kind of changes the layout everytime, so the T's and CT's would have to adjust strategies on the fly... Would be super interesting for competitive play too. The strats a team would have for A and B site would have to be completely different from if only A and C were left or if B and D, etc, etc. etc... I also always thought that the T's or CT's should be able to plant an explodable charge to take out a wall and make an additional entrance at each site. That'd be cool.
  19. Also: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125528758&searchtext=
  20. Check this out. I'll be looking into this further tomorrow. Looks very interesting! http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/02/07/counter-strike-global-offensive-map-workshop-now-available
  21. Please let this thread die. Please post all 10man coordinations and timeframes into the pinned topic. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, As it seems our in-house scrims have proven to be very popular, I thought it was deserving of a sticky for a couple of reasons... - To keep them active, having it stickied is a constant reminder to new\old members as the thread doesn't "disappear" at the bottom. - Gives a general list of tips so that the public server isn't killed in popularity during the times these are taking place. Leadership loves the fact that everyone enjoys scrimming, however we have to also keep in mind why OSG is so popular to begin with, and that's because of the pub. We have to cater to this crowd as they are more or less the lifeline of continuing our success. I'm sure you all understand where we are coming from here. So the following is a general guideline of some things we want you guys to keep in mind when you go to do your 10-man scrims. 1) If a lot of players are going to be pulled from the pub in order to scrim, please do a couple of things: A) Change the map to de_dust2 or another highly popular map. I believe cs_office is good as well... But I'd prefer D2 first if it hasn't been played in the last map. B ) Do not leave all at once. Try and stagger the disconnecting every couple minutes so that a new player can join. This shouldn't take long. C) Before you leave, hit ESC and send out invites to all your other CS Gaming friends to join the pub. Do this especially if the server isn't at capacity. D) Most importantly, at the conclusion of the scrim, take a look at how the pub is doing. If it's low on players, consider hoping into the server for a few rounds before starting the next 10-man... and again consider changing it back to D2. Please feel free to add to anything above if you have an idea on how to keep the pub populated during IN-HOUSE scrims.
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