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  1. I think we could simply port the casual rank mode (with any needed tweaks) over to the aim server. I still think it needs to be a HS only server. That is rare in CS:GO still.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I actually didn't realize we had that issue. We will look into it and post any changes here.
  3. Interesting.. I'm play with trying this out. Anyone else have any issue with this? ps: Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to add our other casual pub server as well!
  4. Is that the bug that is spoken about in that other thread in regards to the timing out after 30~ seconds? So is our server set to DL at this moment or is it completely disabled?
  5. Someone suggested that we create our own "OSG Server Mappack" with all the custom maps we have on our server. I thought it was a great idea. Let's get a list of the maps we want to include on this map pack and once I get it created (I'll start getting it together right now), we can throw a scrolling link on our server for a week or two and then have custom map night. Should make it more successful. Also, I did try and change the server to a new map the other day after warning people to keep rejoining, but got messaged that the server did not let anyone DL at all and instantly kicked them. Can someone look into why this is so? Galitin do you have any insight yet on the DL issue?
  6. I'm actually okay with a ping limit. Anything over 300 for an extended amount of time I feel should receive a kick. Flat out "Never" on the end round slaying....
  7. [quote name='Hilikus' timestamp='1358458578' post='6891'] You are incorrect. Casual and Competitive have two different config files, gamesmode_casual.cfg and gamesmode_competitive.cfg. As far as I can tell, only one will run at a time. All that needs to be done is setting,mp_defuser_allocation 0. All other cvars are left untouched. [/quote]Maybe I am thinking about how it showed up on the server search? I don't remember... All I remember is if certain cvars or server config changes were made, it made it either switch to competitive or wouldn't show... actually as I wrote that I think I remember now... Something about it not using your server if someone hit "Join Casual" in the menus... Something like that. Ah well, maybe I'm just flat out wrong. Wouldn't be the first time... It's happened like once or twice before. :-D
  8. ps: Funny story (At least to me)... Being in IT and a self-admitted geek, whenever anyone mentions "The server is down" to me, I get the following video and song stuck in my head for hours.... It makes me laugh but at the same time gets annoying because, like I mentioned, I'm in IT and when I was a System Admin I heard that phrase a few times a day. It got to the point where the guys at work finally said "What the hell are you humming over there?"... lol. Just watch. Makes me lol everytime. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4gqsuww6lw"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4gqsuww6lw[/url] I wish I had a "The Cheat" that would throw awesome light switch raves for me I tried to teach my dog but he just started at me blankly before going back to licking his anus. Dumb dog.
  9. Oh look you just said "Decoy is the awesomest!"...you're typos are just as funny!
  10. [quote name='Puss in Boots' timestamp='1358307267' post='6762'] I'm just glad removing warmup rounds fixed it so that people can still play. Good to know we aren't the only ones, thanks Decoy! [/quote] No problem bud! I will say it was quite funny for about 30 seconds hearing everyone buy...then it restart...then everyone buy...then restart....then buy..then restart... lol. Even when we knew it was going to restart again we were still buying.... It made me feel like we were all trained monkeys that were taught to buy shit as soon as possible when a new round started. GOOD MONKEY!!
  11. [quote name='Christine' timestamp='1358453963' post='6877'] lol im so out numbered do to my lazyness of purchasing a kit..... : ) .....so dont really affect me...since i prob wouldn't buy one if i had to.....i would just bait kitty and steal his : ) [/quote] You never survive long enough to defuse anyways. BOOYA!
  12. I say lets do it. I think I even suggested this before however I was under the impression that making this change automatically switched the server from being a "casual" server to the other type which had an impact on our server population... Correct me if I am incorrect though?
  13. I might actually try and switch to esdf... Was always kinda annoting to have capslock as in game talk and be YELLING at PEOPLE every OTHER word.
  14. I loved watching 3D Miller play because we both had similar play styles back then... Very aggressive with a tad of cockyness :-D Ahhh the old times. Back when I was part of the league team "volatile", I played with a couple still-pro gamers. Saphire, a female pro-gamer, was alwas fun to watch and play alongside. We were actually in the same team\clan for awhile after OSG had temporarily dissolved the team (I stopped being captain due to a broken arm and the guy I gave leadership too tore the team apart, *sigh*).. Apparently she still plays at the pro level. That girl was nuts-good.
  15. err i mean thank you sorry....typo.... the keys are like totally right next to each other
  16. Our server is not the only one affected by this btw.. I was in VPP's pub a few nights ago at like 4 am (I only wanted a few rounds before bed and ours was dead and didnt want to play against bots for the 5 rounds I wanted to play), and it happened to their full server as well. Just non stop restarts. They said it had been happening more than once.
  17. I MAKE MONEY, MONEY I MAKE! Awww yeaaaaah boiiiii Thats the old school team, from scrubs to main. woowoo.
  18. So excited to get this started. I'll message you later tonight. Going to be on?
  19. ^These are all old maps themselves :-D You haven't played CS until you squished you ENTIRE team of teammates in the APC by ramming it up against a wall and clipping them to death. Then turning around and driving it off the cliff and suiciding yourself.
  20. All the maps added. I haven't tested but I'm pretty sure I got them on there right. FYI, since some of them still have funky _b or rc_1 type names, you can do do sm_maplist or sm_maps (one of those I think) to see what maps the server has available. These won't show up in the map rotation through the admin GUI yet.
  21. [quote name='Metal' timestamp='1357513763' post='6293'] De_mill_b1 has been updated to De_mill_b2. This is the #2 most downloaded map on game banana in the last month, and it was only released 11 days ago. It's already being added to ESEA. Here's the link [url="http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/171258"]http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/171258[/url] De_cobble_b1 (which had some issues) has been updated to De_cobble_b4 and fixed the issues. [url="http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/171398"]http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/171398[/url] Cs_Siege_Go Everyone remembers this map, well it's been remade and it is the most downloaded map on gamebanana over the last month. [url="http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/170679"]http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/170679[/url] De_Sultan This is a new map as far as I know. I played it on a pub and it was pretty good. It's the #3 most downloaded map over the last month on game banana. [url="http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/170686"]http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/170686[/url] [u][b]All of these maps support 32 players or more. De_mill should go into the rotation after brief test to replace the current Mill. The others can just be added as maps to voted for and not in the active rotation. I know we don't want the server to go dead because of a custom map but if there is admins online I don't think it's a problem to vote one of these maps in and then change it if the server starts to lose players.[/b][/u] [/quote] The highlighted is how I got Cache into the rotation. I spent one marathon-cs day and switched it to cache about 4-5 times. Each time I warned people via admin chat spam (sm_say) to not leave at map change and to let it download the next map "because it's AWESOME!") and 90% of the people stayed and we had a fucking blast.
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