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  1. I sent in a ticket to get the server updated. Valve decided to do a last minute update without telling the providers apparently so they were caught with their pants down. Server should be up shortly. Stop sending me messages you bastards!!! (Just kidding, thanks for the heads up everyone!)
  2. Yeaaaaaaaaah boooooooi... Was kinda like that last night. We had like 5-6 guys on for a good 2 hours or so!
  3. awww ya'll just know how to make a southern girl blush *teeheehee*
  4. I have a manly death yell, not sure what you are talking about???????????
  5. Yup, I made sure to spend quite a bit on last time, and talk and have fun so people would be more inclined to come back. Which brings up ANOTHER good point... We as OSG are a friendly bunch while also being competitive. The fact that our members communicate and are consistently trying to push their team toward victory is the reason people like playing with us. Lets all make a better effort in helping whatever team we are on succeed. Some of the best rounds I've ever been in are ones where the teams are dead even, people are playing smartly, and the game comes down to a 12-13 win\loss. People add servers to favorites for games like that. Lets make that happen more often!
  6. I was busy with my certification studying for my test that was on Friday.. On top of that my GF was in town and since I just moved out of state and away from her, and it was her first visit her, I tried to spend as much time with her when not studying as possible. Then then weekend came after I passed my certification so I spent the rest with her. However I'll be on much more now. Let's get this server repopulated!!! Let's keep it so we make it a point to get it populated. If you see it empty during usually busy hours, lets hop in there for at least 10-15 minutes and get it in. Thats how long it seems to take to get 5-6 people in minimum which seems to get the regulars on.
  7. I have a ATI 9800 pro I could toss your way for free. But it's like 11 years old. lulz. Hope you get something dude! I'd try the paste, as well as opening up an extra hole or two in the case and throwing a cheap fan or two in there. That would most certainly help with the heat... Or hell, just play with the case open and a fan directly blowing on it. lol.
  8. I say let's toss this map in the rotation twice. Once near the beginning and one mid way through. What's the status of the _ce maps as well? Are those still glitchy?
  9. Walking-Decoy


    I'll find some of my dog Napoleon. He's a Jack Russel mixed with ??? (Prolly dachsund) He's so freaking smart it's awesome. I can teach this guy to do anything, seriously. I taught him how to dive into a pool (Literally dive) and swim to the bottom to get a toy I bought him that would sink. It took me like 20 minutes to teach him that. He's also a damn smart ass. I'll tell him to go to his cage and he will go in...but after a few minutes he will start to slowly walk out of the cage and stand in front of it. If I catch him, he will immediately stick one of his back legs back in the cage with a "What? I'm technically in the cage Dad" look on his face. Such a little bastard. Pics and video soon to follow.
  10. [quote name='Dragoon' timestamp='1354845052' post='4960'] HA! I wonder why this is a sudden occurance.. [/quote] Dude, why are you yelling?!? speak softer! You're too loud!
  11. Whew, that's all it took? I would have had poop ear much sooner if I knew this!
  12. ^Yeah it was certainly fun playing with it on yesterday. Much tougher that's for sure. I think when we do activate it, we should have awps disabled as that is truly an unfair advantage and kind of defeats the purpose of making it so only headshots kill people. Is there a way we can create a little autoexec to run from the server to make the necessary changes, and then one that we can run when done that will revert it back? It would be cool if the headshot exec disabled awps as well and everything. And sv_cheats being set to 1 sucks, but it's not like it's permanent. The only time I see these changes being run is if there is an admin in the server anyways. We should keep it normal DM with non-regen health as it does tend to confuse people who join and don't know.
  13. [quote name='Element99' timestamp='1354832649' post='4935'] either way. im still giving this post a really big "ewwww" [/quote] Pfffftttt you just lost my vote, recruit! :-P
  14. Meh... I think I'll stick with Norton for now... After loading up VMWare and creating a "surfing" VM, I'm sure I'll be safe. Any unknown sites that I havent been on for years without issue will be done on the VM.
  15. [quote name='Fusion' timestamp='1354831981' post='4932'] looks like maybe you had an ear infection and didnt know, your body took care of it and walah you have poop in your ear. lol. idk, im curious as well. Tell us what the doc says! [/quote] That's it, I'm changing my in-game name to [OSG] Poop-Ear
  16. [quote name='Zolyrica' timestamp='1354830615' post='4927'] Really though I've had something of this sort, but maybe like quarter of a dime in size, just wax that built up in there and hardened, maybe you have low moisture which may cause wax to harden quicker? Idk I'm just taking random shots in the dark. [/quote] Well I grew up in Florida, and just moved to Mass during winter so it has been a very rapid change of humidity. In fact, my dad said the same thing today about the drop in humidity possibly being the cause.
  17. [quote name='Element99' timestamp='1354825982' post='4918'] Sounds and looks like you need to go to a nose ear and throat specialist and get your ears cleaned [/quote] Yup, I plan on doing that.
  18. Nevermind, I don't need a soundcard anymore. All of a sudden I can hear fine. cough cough
  19. Not sure why I'm posting this, because it's gross and I'm seriously weirded out about it. The last couple days my left ear has been *slightly* agitated when I went to clean it with a Q-Tip... I do this quite often, cuz I like to keep clean and etc and my body just produces the stuff like crazy so I do it like every other day. Anyways, so when I did it the other day it felt like I pushed the QTip in too far (I know I wasn't) so I thought maybe I agitated the ear drum or something.... so since it didnt hurt otherwise I just let it be. Flash forward to today and I wake up and can feel something clogging the left ear... Felt like when you get water in your ear. I could massage the ear canal and actually felt it move around and I would hear fine, then massage again and it would be blocked. So I just reach into the ear canal area a little bit and think to myself okay guess time to clean them again, and I fucking feel something kinda sticking out. It was pretty large. I hop out of bed thinking like a roach or some kind of brain eating zombie bug is attacking me and run to the bathroom. I manage to break off a part that was sticking out just a tad and it was dark and looked a bit like dried bug legs\guts.... So I really start freaking out. I massage the ear a little more and it made it stick out more to where I could pull the thing out. It wasn't a bug, thank god. But what the fuck is this?!? Looks like dark and dried ear wax with a bunch of tiny hairs clumped together. Whats more amazing is taht this was apparently in my ear and I COULDNT FEEL IT AT ALL until very recently, and I'm sure it's been around for awhile considering size. Anyone ever have this shit happen to them? Whats crazy is I'm a clean guy...especially take care of my ears!! WTFFFFFFFFF.
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