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  1. That's actually a very interesting second option, thanks for finding that. Can we modify to to be half a second or is it just increments of a second? I say we implement that command immediately to be honest, since it's just a cvar. Then as soon as you get a moment and the forum is fixed, we look into the headshot mod.
  2. ^I dunno what you're talking about.....blue cups are sexy. They get me air humpin' allllll the time.
  3. ^^^I also was watching the police rush scene like... "Really? Thats the best strategy they could have come up with?" I mean, it's also a great thing that they waited until they were HALF WAY THROUGH rushing to toss those smoke grenades. The other part that pissed me off? Watch the absolutely horrible aim of the bad guys shooting them. I've never seen a wall for 100 bad guys miss in my life. A 5 year old kid would have had better aim. I know bad guys are "supposed" to have bad aim in movies but that was ridiculous. Other than that, I loved the movie.
  4. That sucks man.... It'll go smoothe, don't worry. When is it going to happen? ps: I do find it funny. You are going to *ahem* have Fusion...inside...of you..... lolugay
  5. Did ya manage to find anything out? I don't mean to rush\be pushy, but I think this would be an amazing addition and really help everyone build their skills.... On top of that it would probably be one of if not THE first headshot only aim deathmatch server. I am betting it would stay super popular once we got it even half populated for a week straight.
  6. Why don't we lower the amount of Bots to lets say 5 bots max for now?
  7. If we are lowering the round time, we may want to consider bumping it up to first to 15 instead of 13. Less round time means less play time on our fav maps at the same time.
  8. Default deathmatch aim maps, but with the option to use admin (and admin only) to change to a normal map.
  9. [url="http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=195265"]http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=195265[/url] Looks like it may be for source but a guy said he installed it and it worked. Would be awesome if we can combine this headshot only mod, with deathmatch aim maps.
  10. I like the aim map deathmatch idea as well.
  11. ^Same, I still have my old demos actually... I wonder if I could still play them? I would *LOVE* to go back and see how I used to play because 3-4 kills in a round was a pretty consistent thing.. Seriously watching this type of stuff makes me want to get back to where I used to be SOOOO MUCH. I don't think I'm going to pub nearly as much now as I used too.. I'll prolly reserve it for a few hours a week instead. Seriously though, I really really miss not missing shots that I do so often these days. Nothing is worse then dying when you KNOW you shouldn't have.
  12. ^Sounds good, but do you have any reasoning why Norton is bad? Again, not saying I don't believe you because I'm learning that way, it's just I just only hear opinions on if it's good\bad but never really a "Why".
  13. [quote name='Hilikus' timestamp='1354561580' post='4739'] Yes! How much dough do you have to throw at it? [url="http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1766718&Sku=C44-3524"]http://www.tigerdire...18&Sku=C44-3524[/url] If I had the loot, I would be getting.. [url="http://www.amazon.com/Xonar-Phoebus-Gaming-Soundcard-Sound/dp/B007ZT1Q3E"]http://www.amazon.co...d/dp/B007ZT1Q3E[/url] [/quote] Hmmm.. I mean I got 100 bucks but I'm kinda hesitant to throw that towards a sound card when all I'm going to use it for is music (And I have shitty PC speakers so don't need it to be fancy for that) and CS\Gaming.... Which I use headphones for. Is there a cheaper alternative that still would be great for gaming and offer the correct surround sound for footsteps?
  14. I really, really, reaaaallllllyyyy miss being able to know exactly where a footstep was coming from in CS:GO like I could in CS and CS:S.... I know other people complain about this too but when I say I can *rarely* hear which direction they are from, I mean it's like 20% of the time I can hear what direction.... That's a horrible percentage. I usually hear a footstep, and use my judgement from how that round is playing out to make a quick judgement call on where the footstep most likely came from. Do you guys think a dedicated sound card will fix this issue? I have the same headphones I used in CS:S so it's not that, either.
  15. Oh and does anyone here play around with using any sort of Virtual Machines on their boxes for uhh...let's say..uhh... less...honorable...website..browsing? This from what I hear has the added benefit of "Oh damn got a virus... oh well, let's delete this VM and bring up a new one" without having to ever worry about the virus attacking your actual real Windows install. Not like THAT is the reason I am formatting or anything. COUGH COUGH COUGH. Oh and in the world of Anti-Virus, how is Norton Security Suite? I get it free by having a Comcast Cable subscription so I figured why not? I hear both good and bad about it, but wanted to ask some other geeks I know personally.. and you fuckers are the first the popped into my head.
  16. whenever I format my PC I feel like I just lost 15lbs of fat? Like, I seriously love having a freshly formatted pc. Does anyone feel the same? I feel it in my inner nerd. I actually enjoy the process of DLing everything again and getting all the latest drivers... Though one thing I'm going to do this time is get everything setup and then create and image or restore point to make it easier next time. You would think being a backup and recovery guy for work I'd do this naturally, but in the past I just said fuck it, lol.
  17. Because it only takes a test to kill the server.... Oh and I barely read the MOTD, im sure other people don't as well. Oh and people NEVER like getting slayed "for no reason". Hell they could be rushing the bombsite trying to get it down, JUST BARELY miss the bomb plant and get slayed. We won't have this on our server.
  18. I say we keep to manual slaying. I usually understand if the person camps the round out if they have a good gun and are against 6-7 enemies (I usually go for it but im a crazy mofo )... this would cause less traffic. Is there a slay all members of one team command? That would be useful for the times slaying everyone is appropriate.... like 3v4 and they are camping or something.
  19. [url="http://heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com/"]http://heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com/[/url] lol
  20. Hmm.. I never used binds before but I honestly think I will start to use them. I think it would be good to know the exact cost of my bind for a Colt\Armor\Kit\Nade... and other various combinations. Also I might bind the smoke\molo nade because those are annoying to hit 4 4 times in order to get to it. It can eat up precious seconds.
  21. I hadnt added it to an autoexec config until last night. Now I dont have to input them in every round. sweeeeeet
  22. I'm all for it. I like a slightly lesser round time as well. 2:45 would be a good minor adjustment to see how it feels.
  23. I say we put it up on the public forum as a poll\vote. Those in favor. Those against. Those who don't care. Then if it's voted in favor, we make the change but watch the server closely for activity droppage\complaints.
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