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  1. Get my Bayonet for my AK-74 sab the hell out of the ones in front of me an then mount it on my rife shoot and stab them more
  2. If your going to overclock your CPU make sure you have a good Heatsink ALL copper by Zalman is best in my book and some ASUS boards will have pre overclock settings if you are new or dont want to mess with anything.
  3. Agreed. Go with at least a 750W, for an SSD I would go with a samsung 840 pro or a OCZ and as a regular HDD Western Digital all the way. Since you are getting a SSD you might want to think of doing a RAID, RAID 0 for speed.
  4. Looks great need the crew together again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UodINLrLKDY
  5. Speaking of certifications if you guys are going for CISCO certs, I would reccommend you look at the Juniper Certification for basic switching. I like Cisco but theres alot of people switching due to the fact that there cheaper but cheap doesn't mean there better... CISCO forever lol
  6. Ok sorry about that... just though I would throw that out there. Didnt want to casue problems.
  7. Hey guys if game servers have been giving more problems than results... Look into my post for server hosting as an alternative if you want to change companys.
  8. If you like defence or offence I mainly use SMGs... specifically the UMP or the P90. Those are good to rush through hallways with. P90 has 50rds, 2 clips and if you can pull it off you can hit targets a little over mid range. The UMP tho is more a mid range due to its 25rd clip and its good for about one person. However, its a good rush gun.
  9. I can agree with that. But in nuke, why are SAS when there should be GSG-9s?
  10. Speaking of skins, can we set something up to where we can pick our charater model from how it was in CSS?
  11. Anyone play Company of hero's? Looking for some guys to team up with when 2 comes out.
  12. Ill play in our scrim server.. tried to last week and was told to get out.
  13. I use a Muti tool that I pay 30 bucks a year called System Mechanic has everything you need to keep your comp running smooth and I use Avast AV free
  14. Any of you guys play Arma? If so I need to team up with someone its very complex
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