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  1. Happy 4th of July!
  2. This made me lose it with the Steam Summer Sale coming and all.
  3. The update was applied last night to the server.
  4. The Sony "sharing games" video is such a troll video it made me laugh. I'm going to wait about a year for the next console to be bought in my house. I have a funny feeling Microsoft will be backing down from some of its current "requirements" based on the cockslap that Sony has been giving to its face. Really my only "complaint" about the PS4 is that it will require you to have PS+ to play online multiplayer...but XBL has been that way for a decade.
  5. Don't worry man, you and I have been BFFs on XBL for more than 30 days! WE CAN SHARE! :D God help you if your internet connection is severed for more than 24 hours, though.
  6. Cool, thanks! Not paying $500 for the system though. NOPE.
  7. I got a Groupon voucher for a $275 package for $159. I upgraded from 7,500 feet to 14,000 feet for $50 to make it $209. The video/photo packages are anywhere from $75-$125. It's just nuts.
  8. Pure masterpiece from Naughty Dog. That is all.
  9. Did we play D2 last night and Sylent and I call this on catwalk? Maybe...maybe we did.
  10. 250GB+ for $130? Where do you shop?! The closest I have seen is the Sandisk Extreme 240GB for $150. I already have a 1TB HDD that I have all my sensitive files, pictures and music on. :) Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Dear Mr. K1tty... This is how we must call this strat from now on!
  13. I apologize for taking a left turn, but I promise it will be brief. I have an Alienware X51 that has a 180GB SSD. I'd like to add additional storage but I keep waffling between getting another SSD or an external HDD USB 3.0 to load other games onto so my SSD doesn't get jammed up. However, I also know that most external HDDs are 5400 rpm which is a problem regardless of USB 3.0 or not. Does anyone know of a good 7200rpm external HDD USB 3.0 that they can recommend?
  14. It will be tandem with a pro.
  15. Has anyone here gone skydiving before? I'm doing a 14,000 ft drop in June and I was curious about other peoples' experiences with it.
  16. Indeed! I had to force myself (and scold myself) into going to bed at 11:15 when I should normally be asleep by 10:30 lol. I love when the server is like it was last night!
  17. Batman/Spiderman gif = GOLD Otter slam dunking is amazing, I'd PUG him The last one with the kitten flipping out is so cute when you watch the actual video. Meanwhile his reptilian friend just sits there going "lol, wut? just sayin' hi."
  18. LOL he's fine, he was trolling the camera like a fool :P
  19. Haha now a new picture for real. From my daughter's graduation ceremony last night - the kiddos, my wife and I. This is why I haven't been able to be on much but NOW THE CEREMONIES, BANQUETS AND CONCERTS ARE OVER! YESSS! Back to CS:GO!
  20. If you feel like you are selling your soul to Satan with all the signatures you have to provide...that's a normal feeling. It wears off when you appreciate the house you will then have. :)
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