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  1. I added a bunch of people that I knew from back in le day. Including you @@Gallitin1600891345 Fakker
  2. I'm back playing cs here and there! Would love to hear from the old gang again. Some of the best gents I'v ever met. Not sure exactly what everyone is up to now but it seems there's been some crazy expansion in the osg roster. Last time I remember there were only like 20 of us. I can't get my old account so I am forced to use a different one. =/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZoLyisback add meh.
  3. Dudes, what happened to osg? D: Hollow? Puss? Whar errbody go?
  4. Zolyrica


    It's meeeeee. Had to make a fresh account but...
  5. If someone is given admin and the power to ban, their judgement should be trusted within the community. If we can't trust their judgement, we shouldn't hand out admin so readily. But maybe that's just my iron fist nature. I had no intentions of throwing myself into the ring on this but since I was added by the accused and this petty nonsense was brought to my attention, there's my input. Do what you will, but in order to reduce load on higher members of the community, make sure those you appoint to positions of power have your unwavering trust.
  6. I was going to try to google "Funny quoted pictures about ass rape," but I changed my mind.
  7. Ha I wasn't thrilled for it but it turned out okay, still dominating.
  8. "Lol I think it might be family But I wanted to come give you a birthday fuck Hug* Damn autocorrect....." From one of my brothers, lmao. Oh god copy and pasting from facebook does this, I'm leaving it.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=etHB5cJpNtg OVERPOWERDDDD MEEEEE xD Playing on K'T alliance if anyone wants to do stuffz, also looking for someone to play my other account for Recruit a friend. Scripted multiboxing only gives me the illusion of having friends. D: Or if you play any bnet games my battletag is ZoLy#1704
  10. [quote name='SylenT' timestamp='1359552633' post='7664'] Gotta be honest.. I haven't missed the raping comments. [/quote] Oh they'll be back, they'll...be...back.
  11. Harro errbody, ZoLy here. I know, crazy huh? I'm like a ghost! Been bouncing around between appointments and other games and what not figured I'd hop in for a quick update. Surgery is Thursday then I'm bed ridden for a little while and I'm at the point in WoW where there's nothing I can really do outside of raid nights. Huge thanks to Habanero again for the help a while back, huuge boost in morale! I'll be on CS a bit more than I've been recently, even though I'm pissed because of my inactivity I lost my supreme master first class, played and won a ranked game to get my rank back and they put me at distinguished master guardian. -.-' But yeah that's about it, wish me luck OSG fam! Love, ZoLy
  12. This gets me the same results as in the video. >.<
  13. [quote name='Hollow Clipz' timestamp='1355930962' post='5650'] lol holy shiiiiiiiiiiit ZoL [/quote] Hahah I played alllll day yesterday like that! xD I have more on my Facebook, I tried CS, and League of Legends. Both are the same. hahaha. Only game that's almost totally immune to the death of a video card is Minecraft at least from what I've tried, other than maybe tetris and stuff. Even my desktop has some minor artifacting going on. It's pretty damn funny though. xD I'm hoping Habanero got around to mailing out the new one. I really should just blow him.
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