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  1. i hate those players too. BUT what if only 1 player is alive and he relly tries to do something but the round ends? he would be slayed unfairly. and THIS would take his KD unnecessarily down. so this is a bad idea.
  2. A CPU (even the old 86 from intel) can preceed over thousand/millions of processes. Its mainly the networkcard which is important here. So no, this is only a network case we got here. Every CPU which get csgo to run proceeds ALL the packets within the amound of ticks/frames within the unit. That definetly isn't a CPU issue we got here. Of course you can optimize your rates. But playing between 100 and 128 won't give much sh!t. Also you wrote that you use 300 (which is default) fps as maximum. So if you really want to get a smooth and reliable (optimized) gameplay you should decrease the value if you dont get constantly 300 fps. THIS is PC related stuff you really can mess with. As an example you can mess with the interpolation which defintively would change more as the DL/Up-Rate. Again i dont recommend this for you guys tho. Why? Headache. If you do it wrong you would mess it up. Also this would mostly not globally work (in other servers which use different settings and your latency to them). Wow i wrote today way to much, lol. Just wanted to give some advice on not wasting time to it :=) Cya on server.
  3. First of all, Gallitin, the DL/UP-rate doesn't have to do anything with the power of your PC. It just manages the rate of communication per unit (Packet stuff...). Now Hallow, you are right, settings are important. But now it comes: There is no big difference as an example between 100tick and 128tick. Well actually there is but this is not getting uns more efficiency AS all players Ping/Latency as well as the DL/UP-flow are NOT the same. So playing around with the servers tick rate just might result a better accuracy for one player while another player might looses a bit of it. Not same internet and location bro. So trying to find a good setting which works globally won't work. And clientsided it also doesn't bring THAT MUCH advandage. The video posted in this thread btw is the interpolation. I recommend you not to touch this. Oh btw, I'm a IT-Professional (called in the us i think) and a programmer. So I know a bit 'bout math and physics. Oh, and i am not attacking you guys. Just wanted you to save time. Greetz
  4. Jizb

    Whats up Guys

    Hi. Oh, and i'm gonna rage you ingame.
  5. Guys stop acting like this is rocket-science. Those things won't skill you up. My dl/up-rates are 100. My Rate is 25000. (Those values are oldschool!). And additional i got ALWAYS over 120 ping (European, yes.). And still i rage. So instead of wasting your time with this - train. 100 tick-rate 128-tickrate, who cares. EDIT: BTW - you dont need to call autoexec.cfg in config.cfg as autoexec.cfg automatically executes (lol). You just need to create this file. Calling it from config woul execute it twice. Also you dont even have to use autoexec IF you always play at the same server. I even think it doesn't change if you get into a server with other values (as those will be setted on the client just temporially - i think). greetzz
  6. Oh didn't see that before. Wishing the best for you!
  7. Ohhh Gallitin, guess what happend again :=D Check your Server bro
  8. I bought csgo because i play cs since 1.3. csgo kinda failed for me when i started to play it. wasn't gonna play it any further. but then found osg and hell i love the community. BooM in my ASS. -NoHomo- Keep it up!
  9. Failed twice within a week at one game, hrr hrr ;=)
  10. As far as i know your server runs SourceMOD. This plugin offers much funtionality. There are serveral scripts out there which should do the job. Even if not it is easy to script on your own (at least if you are interested in IT). But well after few more updates on csgo the updaterate will decrease so this isn't much important. But if you want to be a 1337-serverowner you got to find a solution on this for all your servers. Availability is important for customer :-) cya
  11. Not possible or no need? Cuz it sux not to get into your server.
  12. Fixed. But you guys should use scripts (which may be available; if not code on your own) which checks in an interval for updates if server is empty. Or noobier -> let the server do automatically a restart every hour if server is empty (nooby but would do the job too; ofc only with autoupdate-parameter).
  13. [quote name='Gallitin' timestamp='1351641254' post='2651'] Server has been restarted try now. [/quote] Still. Did you attach update parameters on start?
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