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  1. Since when is net stop a Linux command :p To answer the question putting something like the below to look for the tomcat services would probably be best, imho though you need to figure out why the service keeps dying as this is not normal behavior. for /F "tokens=3 delims=: " %%H in ('sc query "MyServiceName" ^| findstr " STATE"') do ( if /I "%%H" NEQ "RUNNING" ( REM Put your code you want to execute here REM For example, the following line net start "MyServiceName" ) ) btw this would be a VBS script not a batch script
  2. If you are looking into getting into network break/fix A+ and Net+ are a good place to start. If you are a real go getter maybe even the Cisco CCENT instead of the net+. My first and current job in the IT field is at a Helpdesk at a Value added reseller, where I moved from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in a span of 3 years. I see a little bit of everything on a daily basis. One day I could be building a new VPN for a client and the next day troubleshooting mail flow in Exchange for another.
  3. So back to the topic at hand... I looked through the demo and other than a few times he was staring at walls and looking almost directly where the T's were rushing I didn't see anything entirely fishy about the game play. Granted the few suspicious times would of been enough for me to warrant a second opinion on the situation.
  4. Dragoon


    Dragoon5793 is my name on there add me to your friends list maybe we can play sometime
  5. Sounds like a good thing to do to put some variety back into the game.
  6. Dragoon


    So a coworker was telling me about a MOBA that has a play and feel of LOL but plays like an MMO, It was called Smite. I tried it out this morning and it is actually a lot of fun. If you all are interested in checking it out here is the site http://www.smitegame.com
  7. Really well put together music. I really enjoy it.. Like Hilli said has that Sound of seven trumpets feel to it from A7X but at the same time his dirty vocals are more like LoG. I give this two thumbs up.. Reposted to my FB if that's okay. Edit: Oh btw if you like these guys check out this.. Local band from my home town.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHEIunNYsYM
  8. Have you tried Fallout or any of the Elderscrolls games?
  9. I would agree with this in most aspects but I.T. seems to be a completely different animal in that respect. I see people with no degree and all their certifications making twice as much as people with degrees all the time.
  10. Nope the MCSE is just 5 tests which I am currently going through for server 2012.. They are a little rough but not bad.
  11. I wouldn't say equal... Maybe 2k or 1.5? And it's all cs maps
  12. I have a small complaint with the new CS mode.. if the T's win they get 1000 dollars if the CTs win they get 2400... It causes a great economical imbalance... I've played a full round of office just now and have to save 5 rounds to be able to buy a full AK loadout..
  13. Here is one of the best rounds I've had in forerver... The other team never even thought to buy a gem... so yah it was easy. Lets see some the good matches everyone has had.
  14. That would be much appreciated. Let me know if you need a way to get them to me.. Dropbox or something would probably be easiest as they are most likely to big for email.
  15. I have heard of the last thing you posted as well.. If I'm not entirely mistaken isn't there a way to make it all compress down to one layer after you have finished the project in photo shop?
  16. I currently work as a network engineer for a VAR/MSP mainly focused on Cisco and although it is mandatory for me to do so I am currently working on my MCSE 2012 to become more familiar with Microsoft. I already have my Bachelors degree and in the IT feld I believe this to be enough because Masters is most generally for Management and I'm not looking to get into Management just yet. I'm constantly pushing the enevelope with what I do and the projects I take on to show the company that I work for that I am looking to advance and increase my Knowledge as much as possible. I currently work as a tier 2 tech on their helpdesk and would love to move into the the implementation/ Preseales environement one day, but to do so I have to prove that I am capable of doing the work which I am trying to do on a daily basis. after the MCSE I am going to move to the VCP and then EMC certifications. Any EMC stuff you could throw my way Decoy would be appreciated as Storage is currrently my weakest subject..
  17. It definately seems to be something specific to IE because Chrome/FF/Opera work fine.. I tried a few things no luck..
  18. Dragoon

    DOTA 2

    I'm sure some people have some beta invites amongst us
  19. imho opinion a community is like a family.. You watch out for one another. So if I had it I would of gave it willingly and I think the fact that this occured makes me realize that OSG is one of the better communities I have been in in a long time.
  20. I know this is true, especially in the MSP/VAR environment like I'm in or hell even a stand alone IT shop can benefit from this.. If you hire a Cisco certified engineer the company can get in contact with Cisco and join the membership program which means they can get some fairly significant discounts when purchasing Cisco gear.
  21. I don't know about that one... Mill_b1 was on the server for forever and it doesn't have a map...
  22. IMHO other then a few syntacial differences if you get any networking cert rather it be cisco or Juniper, etc... You can work on any networking equipment, the main thing being the terminology.. Cisco calls it EtherChannel while everyone else calls it a Link Aggregation Group... Cisco calls it a trunk port while everyone else calls it a tagged port.. Etc.
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