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  1. Honestly... No words are needed.
  2. Yessir it is a magnificient creature of sorts ^_^
  3. yeah unbelievable lately but thanks kitty... too funny man haha
  4. Hey Errbody just wanted to apologize been super busy last few weeks and down time is lacking.. Ill try to get on more I know angry has been tellin me how Kitty meows at night missing meeeee ^_^ lol just been caught up with a lot such as -Working Fulltime sun-thurs -Working Part-Time mon-thurs -Bowling tues/weds -Fundraising for my army unit -Studying for Soldier of the year boards. -Working out -Prepping for Annual training -Some Starcraft 2 HOTS
  5. If im on you can usually invite me.. haven't been free much last week or two though.
  6. Trying to for sure.. next piece is in May
  7. here they are 1 and the other... :-D
  8. NVTS now your profile pic makes sense ... haa
  9. Here you guys go I love this thing and think it turned out great cant even spot the old tattoo!!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RubBzkZzpUA
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