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  1. Well we do have a walking decoy or did last time i checked
  2. i feel like you're missing a feather in your hat puss
  3. congrats! Hope all is doing well so far with you and your little family
  4. G5 maybe your better option than what i have at home. If you want to try his
  5. Goon and i might have one we can let you have. I just got a new one not too long ago
  6. Where are you going to fly out to? It's bound to spread like a flu, which means there will be no safe area to land a plane?
  7. i agree. i have admin now and i need at least one good slap :)
  8. I have to say i'd probably use my keyboard on one of them, realize it broke, hen take my big candle to their heads repeatedly.
  9. Figured we needed something new on the forums so here is my random input for the month :) Scenario: You are on your computer playing some csgo, when all of a sudden about three zombies start coming at you out of nowhere. What is the action you take?
  10. Element99


    we're getting a kitten soon as we get one. we left my doggy with his uncle so he could have company. He is seventy and his wife passed away a couple of years ago. I miss her to death and she reminds me im momma everytime we come visit. But i need another animal companion. So when i do of course they'll be pictures
  11. i love the sign in the background rev. hahah two am is the beautifying time :P
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