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  1. Puss, I already succommed to the Steam monster. Bought Kerbal Space Program two days ago. LOL. There always seems to be a valid excuse to pick up a game or two during a Steam Sale !!!!
  2. I would never EVAR pay money for a XBOX and its creeper peeper Kinect eye in the sky. (aka. your living room)
  3. I have been having some fun with the Company of Heros 2 beta lately. I really enjoyed COH 1 and played the hell out of it. I would say that the best improvement I have seen so far in the new release is the multiplayer matching and online play. It was basically broken in the first one. Anyways, maybe one of these nights a few of us could jump on. After playing in our CS:GO pub of course :)
  4. That looks about right :) (Except I usually stand were the Super NES and TV is)
  5. Ha ha. Always love OSG 'Meme Attack' Fridays !!!
  6. I picked up 'Wargame: AirLand Battle' the other day from Steam. It is beta and will be released officially in May 2013. It is based on the original 'Wargame: European Escalation' which was released about 2 years ago. It is based off a NATO - WARSAW PACT 1980's Cold War Scenario with all the exact units for the different countries. The best way I can describe it is a real-time stragetic wargame battle based on the structure of real military units (e.g mechanized infantry, armour, artillery, and squadrons (air assets). The multiplayer is very deep. Anyways, anyone interested in wargaming from a strategic viewpoint based on real units will enjoy this game. I have included the steam link if you and interested :) It is $39.99. Have a good weekend all. Wargame: Airland Battle http://store.steampowered.com/app/222750/
  7. Good to know. Have made a note of it.
  8. I haven't received mine yet. I have a feeling I will be waiting for a LONG time :(
  9. darkcrypto23


    Sounds like a really interesting game. I see a lot of people playing it. Even though I have a limited amount of games I can play in a week, I always enjoy listening to conversations about other games and generes. Has always fascinated me.
  10. I always like the Logitech USB ones (the mid-range priced ones). I have 2-3 spares because mics tend to konk out for various reasons.
  11. The first thing you need to learn is the mechanics of the game. Starcraft II (Wings of Liberty) and (Heart of the Swarm) both have tutorials and game guides. Spend some time doing the campaign or singleplayer games against the AI before you begin multiplayer. Also, you must learn the different factions in depth as each are quite unique and planning your strategy will in part rely on this knowledge. It is a great game, so good luck :)
  12. Just bought SC: HOTS today. Fun wknd ahead!!!
  13. Next on my roster is the new Starcraft. I'm sure Bioshock will be great as usual though.
  14. I have been playing some 'War Thunder' lately. It is a free to play MMOG WWII Aerial Combat Style. There are tonnes of planes, the graphics are great and the dogfighting is suberb. I am just starting out so I am not very good, but I definitely will be playing more of it. If you are interested in downloading the link is http://www.warthunder.com
  15. Zerg. Run for the hills :) They did a great job. Nice flex too.
  16. Like all the new changes. Will definitely change the dynamics of the game for the better!!!
  17. I love all the different multiplayer strategies you can study on Youtube, etc. It is such a great game :)
  18. I will be getting it in a couple weeks. I am brushing up on my SCII skills on the first release (from a couple years ago). Fun game. Good strategic gameplay.
  19. Thx for the link. Signed up. Hopefully someone from OSG can get in and tell us what the beta is like. It's going to be sooo popular :)
  20. Thanks for resetting it. I'll try to get the name of the map. I thought it crashed on Chateau. Yes, the voting is a problem on all CS:GO servers but with the hotfix and the update it shall all be good. Thx for the update :) See you on the servers!!! s1mcity with giant k1tty - coming to a store near you - LOL
  21. I would play it if it wasn't run by EA.
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