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  1. Arma 3 lite is like a "not sure if want" demo version. It shows you some good aspects of the game but i dont think you can get multiplayer (but im not sure). ArmA 2's f2p version is like half of the game though, which is bigger.
  2. What?!?! In our school we have a vocab quiz with 40 questions every day... :angry:
  3. I have a ton of DotA 2 keys for anyone that wants them completely free. Also, i have 2 ArmA 3 Alpha lite's and 3 shattered horizon 3 day free gameplay gift things. http://steamcommunity.com/id/bakester17/inventory#753 Here for the stuffs
  4. Thanks man, i hate chemistry so much though :angry: Too much vocab! I wont! No way i am failing!!
  5. I know i should be on regularly, and normally i am but as we speak i am still failing chemistry and if i do not pull that grade up i will fail obviously. The reason i have not been on is because i have been studying for the HSA which is a high school assessment for those who don't remember. Just thought it would be good to tell you why i haven't been on. I'll be able to play more now though :lol: Sorry for not being on by the way :(
  6. I'll graduate high school, get into a nice college and get a nice job. All i got so far :huh:
  7. The game is fantastic if anyone see's this thread, get it if you love RTS'S!
  8. I've had some problems, but im sure it's my internet not the server, i always love logging into the server with a full group of people ^^
  9. Congrats bro, have fun in your new pad!
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