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  1. Congrats!!! Many pictars pls!
  2. I may not be on -- haven't been very active lately. Add Mr. k1tty instead.
  3. Almost Everyday at 8-830 pm est, someone tries to organize. Just pm someone your interest around that timeframe.
  4. You need to get your cat her own computer. How is she supposed to rule the world without a computer? Geez. Bows and arrows are so last season.
  5. One second of my life has been saved to own more noobs. Besides, 1 second in the real world is like 5 mins computer time, didn't you now? Do you even lift? COME AT ME BRO.
  6. And that is the last time I ever take anything the cnn says seriously...
  7. Not OCZ. They may have a warranty, but expect that you may have to mail your shit back. My bro had to mail his back twice, then on the third time, he said "fuck this, im gonna sell this on ebay and buy from another brand"
  8. I have an ssd with 120gbs filled with only programs... I have 3gbs left and have to uninstall games to install new ones.
  9. Hey, some people just love gaming, haha. What he spends his money on is not our business. If you're okay with spending that money, spend away. As for parts, if you're the type that wants to be able to use the same comp for the next 5 years without making any significant upgrades, you'll have to buy top of the line. If you wanna do that AND save decent amounts of cash, that'll chalk up to how dedicated and patient you are at hunting for deals. My brother made a computer that retails for at least $3000 for only $1700, but it took 6 months to get all the parts. Also, if it's in your budget, SSD needs to have more space. Those 120 gbs go reaaaaally fast.
  10. Been watching vids of the game play. Have upgraded this from "want" to "need"
  11. POI has been reported to be a saudi national. Though, at this point, the US has so many enemies it could be a mix of cells from north Kor, Iran, etc...
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