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  1. ColtonO

    Meme Thread

    Yeah I pwned at this game. What of it?
  2. Please PM me through the website or message me on steam if you're interested.
  3. Shameless bump. Kitty hit me up through pm or on steam
  4. Are you finding that when you're playing with these hackers you have over a certain ping?
  5. I'm looking for people with league experience to play CS:GO. This will be for next season of CEVO. You don't necessarily need to have been invite or anything. Just at the very least a good knowledge of scrimming. You need: -Good comms/be chill -League experience -Attend team's weekly practice schedule -North America -preferably 18+ Hit me up if you're interested.
  6. lol I haven't had any problems this bad with matchmaking.
  7. They don't do em that big in North America. Those guys are from The Netherlands.
  8. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=GpO76SkpaWQ[/media]
  9. SSD's are awesome. I can't imagine going back to having a HDD as my OS drive. You can boot into Windows in approximately 10 seconds. Can format and install a fresh copy of Windows from a thumb drive in under 10 minutes. As far as my graphic design and editing OMFG the difference is even more noticeable. Applying filters on huge graphics is instantaneous, its great. I got the Crucial M4 128GB because at the time the Sandforce controller was having some serious issues. There was so many horror stories blowing up everywhere online I completely avoided it. I imagine that is no longer an issue though. Just make sure you do your research on which one to get.
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