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  1. Join me here https://rift.trionworlds.com/account/reg/account-registration-short-flow.action?voucherCode=WFX9EJDDK7ZRTF6KMZRX&request_locale=en&experience=aaf&utm_source=manual&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ascend_invite And play the game.
  2. I have not tried a capture card. I do like the taking the demo and recording.
  3. Restored the "retry" console command about time
  4. I have tried FRAPS, but the free version is choppy. Let me know. Thanks
  5. This is sweet. I love it. I always try to put it on. Sometimes i can see it.
  6. I found out that you can turn it off. Now I am back on. Let me tell you. Laptop to nice desktop is amazing. I can see now.
  7. I have steam on my laptop, but when I try to get it on my new rig. Yep. Steam needs you to verify it. So it send an email to my account. I never get this email. When the email does show up it tells me that it is too old. What gives? I created a ticket at Steam, which is funny cause you have to sign into steam. I did that. Told Steam what is going on. They just have shitty support. This is not making me a happy camper. Anyone else ever have issues with Steam Support?
  8. I would buy another SSD. Get a 250+ GB for about $130. You will have two SSD. You can transfer everything to the big one. I would also buy a 1 or 2 TB HDD for about $80-100. You can store music or pictures on that. That will free up some space.
  9. I am using a third party software now that will monitor the webserver.
  10. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/129QX Just got this today. I am glad I waited for the Haswell chip. This should last me couple years.
  11. You have to just jump. Leaving the plane is the hard part.
  12. Nice. I am going to use that
  13. Me and the Girlfriend play SC:2 and really like it. We are Gold and 2v2, and 4v4. I am not sure if I will buy the new one just yet. I do like the new units.
  14. Same here. Some of us have a life before Counter-Strike. I told you on other post that I can't play until 8:00 Central. 6:30 east is 5:30 central. I do not even get home from work around that time. We all need to vote on a good time.
  15. So I can ping the server that the Apache Tomcat is running and I can restart the service if the ip is bad. I am just using Google as an example. It would only ping 5 times because the first ping may be bad. Ping is working, but the service isn't. I can ping the server, which tells me it is working. Ping doesn't tell me that the website is up.. That is my issue now.. I should update the batch file since it has changed. I have been working on this for about 5 hours..
  16. New 5 DaKilla Xeek Zombi Khuki Merle Backups Merle At0m BoneSaw Fallen Hoot
  17. Yea. Can't shutdown the server. It takes about 10 minutes to boot and I think my clients would get very pissed off.
  18. I got it to work... Now my issue is that ping doesn't tell me if the website is up or down. I need to know if the website is up or down. If it is not up restart the script. If anyone can help me out that would be amazing.
  19. Stevary, You can join the team. I do believe that it is open to anyone.
  20. I have been searching around Google and stackoverflow for a script that will call the HTTP website and see if it is running. If it is running keep testing every 10 minutes. If it is not running, restart the service. I want to run this on the server with Apatche Tomcat. @ echo off :first PING -n 5 google.com | FIND "TTL" > nul IF %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo Website is up. goto :first ) ELSE ( echo Website is down. Restarting service goto :second echo restart echo ping ) :: This calls the second loop :second :: This will stop the service net stop TapiSrv ping -n 10 :: This will start the service net start TapiSrv :: This check to see if the website is up GOTO :first I need to figure out how to do the 10 minutes between each loop. If it fails and restarts the service. I need it to start the loop again.
  21. Stevary are you even on the team? DaKilla Merle Zombi Khuki At0m Backups Xeek BoneSaw Fallen Hoot Since Xeek wants Merle to play. Take his spot. :D.. Or nominate someone who shouldn't be on the Top 5
  22. I will nominate the top 5.. DaKilla Xeek Zombi Khuki At0m Backups Merle BoneSaw Fallen Hoot Cevo Practice will be @ 8:00 Central Time. Why 8:00, because that is just a good time to play. If you have esea :D Practice with other people who have esea. Other wise practice will be on the CS:GO competitive.
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