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  1. Gaming Rig = Waste of Cash. I assume your in college? Use the money to pay off your loans. Use half that money to build an okay gaming rig. Gaming Rigs are e-peens in a male dominated arena, and won't get you a bf/gf/partner. It's no car.
  2. Where you go doesn't really matter as much these days for IT. It only matters if you are getting an online degree, some schools people assume you learn less and aren't career ready. Certs for IT matter more. As someone that hires IT people that's my two cents.
  3. How old are you and how much money determines what you could do
  4. I mailed him a Geforce GTX 650 this week. Should be getting it soon.
  5. I have some extra video cards. Would accept charity?
  6. What's your budget? Are you just playing this game? What's your power supply?
  7. Do you live in Virginia or would consider moving there if you were paid enough? I have a friend that works at DELL corporate and they are looking for 40 computer engineers that would move. The job base pay is 100,000 and depending on certs and degrees you would be paid more. If you happen to be interested let me know.
  8. Someone hacked my CAL Proof also when I checked. I have a hold of my primary account with most of the proof, but someone changed the name of the account owner for half of the account information. The only account I don't have access to is my 2 dig, I don't have the valve beta key to restore that account.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MdNlxftNpI This link shows anyone how i play.
  10. I've been trying for the past few minutes to join the server when there are more than 4 slots open. When I try to connect it takes me to the menu screen.
  11. I hope you take your time to lift his ban. He reminds me of the kids I send to detention that think raging more will get them out quicker.
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