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  1. [quote name='Puss in Boots' timestamp='1358115403' post='6661'] This slay suggestion has been mentioned before and we haven't implemented it because the plugins for this function do not discriminate against people who try to get to a bombsite in time but don't make it and those who just camp. This plugin dates back to the CS 1.6 days and is a wonderful way to kill your server population. There's nothing worse than being 10 feet away from rescuing the hostages on cs_office before time runs out and then to add insult to injury, you are slayed and lose your gun when you simply ran out of time. [/quote] Yeah, the guy I'm talking about was Cheench or something. I hadn't looked at the end of round situation from your point of view before, but it does make sense. Cheers.
  2. Two things I have noticed that I feel would make the server better if implemented. #1. Ping limit. There is no reason in 2013 that someone should have a ping above 200. Just yesterday there was this guy running around with a 350 ping disappearing and reappearing all over the map. Perhaps an upper ping limit would help? #2 Kill players at the end of the round if nobody wins. It is annoying to have to sit through an entire round of people just camping spawn or something not trying to do the objective, or them trying to save their gun. Just yesterday (with admins on) we were at Nuke and there was one guy sitting in T spawn with an AWP. Just sitting there with zero intentions of completing the objective. Did it multiple rounds in a row and laughed about it. If the clock rounds down to 0 the remaining players should be slayed. I feel as if it would prevent people from waiting the clock out every round.
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