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  1. Oh yea whos getting this I am so am getting the first one tonight :D we should all get together this weekend and play :D
  2. I would get bf3 if you guys can its an amazing game :D
  3. Good luck man :D have fun in Asia :D
  4. Hey guys I have stumbled over this game the other week and its a free to play MMO by cryptic and perfect world and its really really good. Its in open beta right now and I am having a blast with it so if you like neverwinter (forgotten realms, DND) you would love this mmo its great :D here is the website for you and like i said its in open beta so you can just make an account download and play :D www.nw.perfectworld.com
  5. I am excited to share with you the newest MMORPG that looks very very promising. NEVERWINTER the mmo. check it out here its in open beta right now but i am playing it and having tons and tons of fun with it. http://nw.perfectworld.com/
  6. Stadtler


    I played in the beta but I will try it again we should get together this week and play some games :D
  7. Stadtler


    lol since I got my computer up and running again I will be playing it a lot more now :D
  8. Stadtler


    This is the cinematic video looks so bad ass!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dOU4HBJaZ-o#!
  9. Stadtler


    Hey if anyone is intrested this is a cool mech FPS just started its actually pretty bad ass. https://www.playhawken.com// if you want to check it out. :D
  10. Yea I have yet to get mine too :( so sad.
  11. Stadtler

    GOT IT!!!

    Yea for sure :D cant wait to get back into the game :D
  12. Stadtler

    GOT IT!!!

    WOOOT! I am back in the game got my new video card case and liquid cooler for my process all ready and good to go :D I will be on early in the evening but its date night with the wife so tonight i wont be on to late :D
  13. yes she is still alive lol and she is almost 2, its also my fault for getting a case that was mostly open on the top of it lol.
  14. lol I know tell me about it I hate it so much :( all because my daughter poured tea in my computer :( lucky it will soon be fixed!!!!! bwahahhahaha
  15. So I am still trying I got my fan going again, but every time I start a full screen direct x application my card goes nuts the fan spins up super fast then dies again. Lucky I have test another card my friend had and its not the motherboard thank god. So my new card will be here tomorrow :D
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