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  1. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooowwwwwwwww
  2. Hahahaha - so is "clean" an empty desk!?
  3. Server looks like it needs a restart. People can't connect to it for whatever reason. Thank you!
  4. This kid is doing a bit to improve himself: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/11/jacob-barnett-autistic-14-year-old-nobel-prize_n_3254920.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003 I don't know if the word "improve" quite cuts it...
  5. Thanks a ton! Can't wait to give the custom maps a shot again.
  6. I know that the server still appears to default to de_dust instead of de_dust2 when it's restarted. Might have been due to the recent update but who knows. It's an easy change in the nfo control panel - gives an option to choose default map and you can even edit the rotation in there if you don't want to touch the cfg. On that note, de_contra would be a nice addition! I see it running on a lot of pubs lately.
  7. Congrats!!! Happy House-warming!!
  8. In 2005 we tried having a gS co-leader host a CS 1.6 public server from one of the first FiOS installations on the East Coast. The box was excellent at the time, but as fast as the connection was, it wasn't possible to sustain a decent server. It would function decently with literally 3 or 4 players in it, but once more players than that joined, everyone's pings would spike considerably and the server would crash after a half hour or so. That means we couldn't even use it for scrims. Also, since it was FiOS's infancy, they changed the terms of service a couple of months later to exclude server hosting. I know people have tried to host servers similarly, and when they were discovered by the ISP, the company throttled their connection (decreased the speed) as deterrence. I see that Google also states you cannot host servers on the connection in their terms of service (ToS) for Google Fiber: https://support.google.com/fiber/answer/2659981?hl=en&topic=2440874&ctx=topic Can it physically be done? It can literally be started up, but as far as being sustained, who knows. Although, the quality and speed of fiber optic connections as well as the hardware has improved considerably since 2005. Should you do it? I'd say don't even bother trying simply because it violates the ToS and I wouldn't want to risk them throttling or deactivating your connection.
  9. Have a safe trip and enjoy! We'll be looking to HS you when you get back.
  10. Looks like a spam account or bot got a hold of this topic.
  11. CEVO used to have their own anti-cheat client that you needed to download and run before every match before opening the game. I think the last time I played it was called the CEVO MATCH NETWORK 3 (CMN3). Though, I know they've revamped a lot - I'm not sure if they have a new client or a new version or any at all. I'd assume so, but I could be wrong.
  12. Congrats!! Glad to see you finished the match in time haha ;)
  13. If things have remained the same with CEVO: Individual players must sign up for an account on the website individually, download the anti-cheat client, custom maps, etc. Then, someone must register a team and create a password to join the roster. If you get enough (5) members to join the roster before the deadline, then your team is placed into a bracket and given a schedule. A leader and/or co-leader (usually the person who creates the team assigns this) must schedule the matches weekly by suggesting times for the other team to play you guys. Rosters also become locked at some point.
  14. Nothing - my pitbull would likely have had some new snacks before I noticed.
  15. Disclamer: Found it on the Interwebz
  16. Sorry, couldn't find one for CS:GO, but for that cat's birthday: And for when the custom sprays finally return, make her's like this except with a giant Puss in Boots giving the face:
  17. Good question - my aiming has become atrocious hahaha And how come I can never spray and kill like THEY do?! Blame the mouse:
  18. Also if you feel like you're not getting solid performance out of the DeathAdder, try using these settings - a lot of people over the years have said that these work pretty well for fps: 500 Hz 450 dpi Those have been pretty solid for me. Any higher for either of those and I haven't been able to aim properly.
  19. I used a Logitech mx510 for years and I loved it, but they broke on me every year or year and a half after purchasing. They've remade the mx518 as the Logitech g400. However, I just switched to a Razer DeathAdder recently, and the build quality feels a lot better although it cost me about 10 bucks more. The braided cable will prevent it from breaking like the Logitechs did - the issues with the 510 for me was always a bend or fray in the cable. The DeathAdder took some getting used to, but I feel that it's ultimately more accurate than the mx518/g400. My brother has the Logitech g9x and loves it. It's the COD:MW3 edition because which was about 10 or 15 bucks cheaper than the standard one and came with a decent but somewhat small mouse pad which isn't being used. I've tried it and it has a good feel. The g9x has adjustable weights, but he pretty much used it right out of the box and he says it's heavy enough and accurate. The g9x also has two different grip plates which stick on it pretty well - there's a wider one and narrower one. I think the wider one is ideal for fps gaming. It also has a braided cable to prevent it from breaking as easily as some of the other Logitech models. In my opinion, the g9x is Logitech's equivalent for the DeathAdder if you were thinking about going that route.
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