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  1. You were looking at people through walls and following them. Across the map. You can't get audio cues from that.
  2. Have the demo of you looking at people through walls. Go get rid of your instant skill and come post again.
  3. That's interesting. I know you don't hack, so I'm not sure why you were banned.
  4. Sorry, you were watching someone in tunnels not moving. Then you moved over and watched the guy behind headshot box. That's one hell of a spec interp.
  5. And I'm under all those people above me. Such a slut.
  6. Watched by several different admins for several rounds. Your crosshair was tracking people through walls at B. Looked at 3 different people in the span of 10 seconds, all through the wall, and all not moving. That was only one round. There were several others where you were tracking people. Went several rounds playing bad, then started doing it again.
  7. Yeah, hopefully they address the grey items being better than the blues or even some orange guns ive seen. On another note, at the moment it seems LMGs are the way to go. I destroyed a guy that had 600 EGO when I was around 110, just using my basic LMG I got from a quest at the start.
  8. Kamekazi


    We should try and get all of us on at one time and play this together and do arkfall events. That could be fun.
  9. I would say the biggest problem is trying to use IE in the first place. Worst web browser I have ever seen from a decent company.
  10. I just recently started college after taking 10 years off of school. Going to get my degree in IT. I've always wanted a job working on computers, so now I'm going to make that a reality.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWwqmEZ0x3k&list=PLsAh0Px2oUAk_tNZc2IGtVOgjqZ2zdKQF&index=17
  12. I was just about to post a video with him in it.
  13. I just tried getting on this morning, and despite the servers saying they were available, they were down. I seriously hate EA. They tend to ruin the games I love. Like Dragon Age......................
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