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  1. You're about 3 years late lol. I don't really play it anymore. I only know 1 person who still plays it. I'm saving up for Rust right now. It's kind of a mix of Minecraft and DayZ.
  2. Stayed at home. Watched Summit1g get drunk on stream. Fun times lol
  3. Stevary


    2 dirtbikes? Sounds like you just need some duct tape and you'll have yourself a perfectly functioning four wheeler.
  4. Stevary

    Happy 4th!

    Safe 4th or July? ....Wat?
  5. I'll be back in one or maybe two weeks at most. I'll make a post about why I was gone when I can play again.
  6. If you haven't seen this match up yet, you really need to watch this video. It's a great game. WarOwl doesn't spoil it at all either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU5Qxqqhh9Q
  7. Have you considered capture hardware? Like a capture card?
  8. Considering Microsoft was one of the first companies to join the whole PRISM thing, I wouldn't want that shit watching me either. The PS4 looks much better than the Xbox One right now. But neither of them are as good as PC gaming.
  9. Does that kid not like cameras? He looks terified.
  10. They put it up on Steam :D It'll be out in August. http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/ Also, the original Payday is on sale for 5 bucks right now.
  11. I would if I could run it at a decent fps. I wouldn't have any problem with running it on low settings if I could get an fps around 50. Maybe I can, I just haven't tried it.
  12. Stevary


    Can't blame him. He's a quarterback.
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