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  1. Hey guys,

    I'll be away for a trip to Asia to finally meet a girl that Im thinking to marry next year.. so I won't be seeing you guys around at the server till then. In case you gets lonely on the server, imagine im always there hiding on the corner or inside the smoke ready to knife you all.  :ph34r:


    God, im so nervous. Wish me luck! 






  2. Stevary and I found something a bit off last night with some odd pre-fire/overly high accuracy, thats why we called an admin to check up on you last night and see if you're actually cheating or not.


    Looking at your ESEA profile and your effort to try unban yourself here there is a chance you might not be cheating.. but then again, your ESEA also says you were blocked 8x by players and also VAC banned on your Steam profile. Its a hard case, and its not my call to decide whether you should be unbanned or stay banned.


    Personally, I don't see any reason why the admins can't unban you if you could prove us wrong.. right Mr  K1tty / Puss?

  3. Your funky tactics = unleash the boobie

    there are two type of boobie. one is a crazy boobie. shes an outlaw. she doesn't care about rules, loves to troll people, and only goes for the blood. but the other boobie is complete opposite, shes more serious type that loves to analyze the enemies, carefully using her brains to decide what to do next instead going by instinct.


    and when two boobies work together, we become an unstoppable force. now pick a side.. which boobie you want to unleash? the left... or right?

  4. I don't know about other fields, but I consider myself lucky to work in Design and Advertising industry in NYC for over 4 years... and believe me, you don't need a degree. All you need is passion and good communication skills. Of course.. going to university or college helps sharpening your senses and execution skills, but other than that its pretty much waste of money. These days you can do online course or even self-learning (if you are motivated enough)


    ll you need is passion and never stop aiming what you want. 


    Make sure you never afraid to fail and always take big risks. it might be bad for today, but its really crucial on the next few years. You pretty much won't improve your quality of life if you stick with a boring 9-5 job that pay the bills and doing it just to survive or for the money. Your job must be something that you really passionate about and good for long term.

  5. If I were you, I wouldn't bother if my team mates are good or bad shooter, girl or boy, camper or rusher, OSG or not OSG. For me as long as you respect the differences in how people play (their styles and levels) and be nice to your team, everybody will think you're a hero for let them having a good time.


    And yes, don't worry about pissing off anonymous people. I do that almost every time whenever I sense "seriousness" on the server

  6. I have mixed feelings.


    I like to play competitive once in a while, but then again no game is fun when you're taking things too seriously. I mean its good that it sharpen your skills and all, but in the end its just a game and nothing more than annoying than watching people get mad in the server telling people to do the 'right' stuff. In Competitive mode I totally respect if anyone lead and direct the team, but on pub server? Unfortunately, I've seen them nothing more than pathetic, snob, overdramatic kid. 

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