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  1. I only got a single Anarchist, how do you get more?
  2. Looking forward to trying the hostage changes. Seems like a move in the right direction.
  3. Haha, you saying I look like the Goon? I've never been so honored in my life.
  4. Don't know how many of you are are into hip hop and rap, but I can imagine most of you are at least a little found of older video games. There is this guy Team Teamwork and he mashes up rap with old video game soundtracks: http://teamteamwork.com/downloads/ They're all free to download and have awesome titles like Vinyl Fantasy 7 and Ocarina or Rhyme. Some are better than others but here are a couple of my favorites: [Youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEtSeiLhPRM[/Youtube] [Youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoOjbdXyzrA[/Youtube]
  5. That's the problem I'm having, I want to play some, but at the same time I don't want to ruin anyones day because I'm still not up to par. I figure I wouldn't mind as much if it's a match made competitive match, I can deal with pissing off anonymous people.
  6. How do you guys feel about public competitive games? I want to try and start getting better at 5s, but don't want to bother if they're usually just a bunch of bull, are they worth while?
  7. nvts8a


    I never in a million years thought I'd own a cat. Not against them, but I was always a dog person. Then one day at my friend's house, we found this kitten no bigger than my hand in the street, in the rain. So I took him, cleaned him up, and named him Gordon Freeman. He's my junkyard cat.
  8. What if I don't have any family? :( Tyler, I'm looking at you. We live a half mile away from each other.
  9. Trying to jump in right now, says there's 18/32 playing but I immediately get disconnected? Any insight? Can jump on other servers just fine.
  10. OS: Windows 8 64bit (Getting used to it) CPU: i7-3930K 6 core @ 3.20G w/ a Corsair Hydro H100 cooler GPU: Asus GTX690 RAM: 4x 8GB @ 1866M in Quad Channel SSDs: 2x 128GB Samsung 840 Pros in RAID0 MB: Asus Rampage IV Formula SC: Sound Blaster Z SBX Mouse: Logitech G9x Headset: Motorola x205 Literally just took my Killer Zeno Pro NIC out of my box on Friday, it keeps dropping connection during load in CS. I think it's Windows 8, not the card. And my cat knocked a cup of water on my Razer Lycosa keyboard, now I'm just using a nice Dell I had laying around. PS: I also have a
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