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  1. I just got auto-disconnected from the server and it isn't showing up in my list now.
  2. It's really hard to keep working when I have to look over and see so many people on CSGO :\
  3. yeah...I enjoyed the full server for a bit too :-)
  4. yeah, I was used to two flashes...even if I always die before using them :-P
  5. So we're supposed to be getting Google fiber next year, and I'll be the first in line when it comes to my neighborhood. I was curious if I could buy a rig to use for hosting a server(s) and if it would be better/comparable to hosting companies. Just bc I have fiber, does it necessarily mean that players would get good latency off of it? Granted, this won't be for at least a year, maybe longer, but I was curious if anyone's ever tried dedicating a box to hosting games.
  6. Thanks puss. We used it for a bit tonight. Took a little bit of time to get it working, but I liked being able to use it once I got used to it again. Plus, I think we forced some clan members to download Mumble and access the OSG server ;)
  7. I believe some servers, VPP included, will default to dust_2 at some point. I'm not sure if it's a time thing, or if it's a time thing coupled with the amount of people on the server. I think dust2 brings in people and I wish there was some way to have it remain on dust2 until 10 people are on, or something similar. Right now it's on mirage, although it's late anyway, it would be next to impossible to populate it with mirage on there even during peak hours.
  8. Just cancelled my subscription and uninstalled. Thanks for the heads-up
  9. Mon - 5pm+ Tues - 10pm+ Wed - 9pm+ Thurs - 5pm+ Fri - 5pm-8pm Sun - most of the day Cal-o, -im, -main...many years ago, around 2003-04.
  10. I posted immediately after it happened. I got kicked at 8:20 Central and I had been playing for about 20 mins. So I would check between 7:45 central and 8:20 central. This seems to have occurred about 30-45 mins after kitty restarted the server.
  11. It kicked everyone and switched to de_dust. I recorded a demo and put net_graph on it when the spikes happened a few times, but I'm not sure if I caught any of the serious spikes. I didn't get the same level of spiking when there was only 10 or so people on the server on dust. Unfortunately, I'll be really busy tomorrow then I leave on Thursday for a wedding this weekend. I'll try to take a look at the demo tomorrow.
  12. I just got auto-disconnected from the server. It's also been lag spiking horribly, causing teleportation since I got in it about 20 mins ago.
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