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  1. I will be there, are we using the private team server for practice? i still need somoene to give me a tutorial on the cevo client set up i will try and be one at 7 est so i can get it set up or try to catch someone earlier in the evening to figure it out.
  2. sorry for my absence i was unable to attend last night, if we could get a scheudle of some sort worked out that would be great. maybe an email chain as i never saw this post and when killa let me know it was a little late for me to be able to be there. \ also i need someone to walk me through the cevo stuff, where i extract the maps to and all that and how paladin functions i guess.
  3. I dont like the idea of restricting any of the weapons. Althought ocassionaly i do go to awp/auto free servers for some practice limiting the availability of a weapon that is part of the game doesnt make sense to me because u will see people using those weapons in competitive matches.
  4. anyone know how cevo works? do they have their own client im so confused
  5. There is a cevo team that has been created. hit the join team button and search Old school gamers, the pw will be posted in the members area.
  6. i joined cevo but unsure how to create team/use client :(
  7. how does everyone feel about this? as a result i am unlikely to play in esea now....
  8. i will be tooling around with CEVO tonight if you have it message me on steam tonight so i can find you on there for registration of the team tmrw. Also is there a time that works for everyone for matches? im avaialble anytime after 6 pm Mon-Thur . and all day sat and sun.
  9. Anyone interested in making a Cevo team on may 2nd when sign ups open post in this thread hopefully their will be enough interest that we can get 2 osg teams up and running, maybe osg black and osg blue or something of that nature. Anyone interested in playing state so in this thread. Anyone familiar with the system how do sign ups work? can we register as many as we want per team and just fill with whos available each week or is it 6 ppl only or whats the deal with cevo?
  10. i guess i should have been more specific. Im looking for something with a dpi and great response, had a good weight to it, ( i dont like the logitechs with the adjustable weight things) Basically i want the best mouse i can find for gaming more specifically for FPS. I think Razer is so popular because its so visible, and well i walk into best buy and the top of the line is razer i guess i get a razer.
  11. I currently use a Razer death adder, but the scroll wheel stopped working so its time to get something new. I want the best of the best anyone know whats good?
  12. Oh man let me clarify please list available times and days. times should be in EST. and i will organize a list and see what days overlap for everyone so we can start practice and pick a league. I guess at this time any cevo or esea pros here that know these leagues and which is most optimal or we can start by grinding some competitive matches to get team synergy down?
  13. Alright it looks like we have the following interested Zombi, merle, reaper, hollow, BoneSaw, fallenhoot, dakilla, khukie. What days and times work for you guys and who has experiance with either cevo or esea? i went to the cevo sight and it looks like season 1 registration is closed :(
  14. meh i am not playing this game at the moment as im focusing on increaseing my skill level is CS:GO
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