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  1. XeeK


    Anyone here own any quads or ATVs? I'm picking mine up on the 4th. So excited. 2001 Honda TRX400EX 13:1 compression racing piston Mid tier exhaust Racing clutch Nerf Bars Brand new Maxxis tires etc. I'll post some pics when I get it home.
  2. Right now most people will recommend recording a demo first and running your capture software for the demo; instead of live. CSGO doesn't run well in tandem with capture software. As far as what software to use, I've only ever used FRAPS so I'm not much help there.
  3. Meh, I never used the silencer anyways. :P
  4. XeeK

    Thief 4

    Great... they are already making games exclusively for the next gens. Couldn't they milk out the 360 and PS3 just a little bit longer for us poor bastards? lol.
  5. XeeK

    A good laugh

    I have a feeling there won't be any ice cream left for me
  6. XeeK

    A good laugh

    That's awesome! hahaha.
  7. XeeK

    A good laugh

    This is how I am calling Cat from now on... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDoOZpAOLbA
  8. Seconded. The first one I bought was some $20 Motorola cheapy and it was junk. I bought this one and was very pleased. Then I realized how much of a tool I looked like and quit using BT headsets. lol.
  9. It won't matter. You'll still have a negative kill/death ratio. :pardon:
  10. XeeK


    Figure skating? Hockey is the only sport where you get a mere 2-minute timeout for punching the shit out of another player... It's great! lol.
  11. XeeK


    Go Wings! Chicago can suck on my nuts. That is all.
  12. I think I need to work on my aim... lol. <_< [attachment=739:stats.jpg]
  13. I'll try and make it but some of us work and 6:30 is cutting it mighty close for me.
  14. Did the server ever get restarted? I can't connect to it. 8:20pm EST.
  15. Ping should tell you if it is up or not. I thought that's what you called errorlevel for.
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