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  1. I've been on a custom map kick recently. Post your faves. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=151456229&searchtext=
  2. The only suspect thing I saw was me switching to a flash and thinking about flashing middle...then switching back to my gun and the window awper decides to peak again. If I was walling and I knew he was going to repeak, why wouldn't I prefire it or at least preaim it? I've said this once already. If you study a good player long enough there will always a couple questionable things that happen. You should rethink your banning process at least for "questionable" players. I like this server, but when an admin bans a player first then asks questions later it only leaves a sour taste in the
  3. If you want to send me the demo I can probably better explain my actions too. There are somethings that are hard to explain, like staring at a box in order to better pinpoint where an enemy is behind it.
  4. I do stare at walls and use my ears. It forces sounds to one headphone, making it easy to know exactly where people are.
  5. If you watch a good player long enough there will be a few instances where it seems he is cheating. You have to take in to account audio cues and radar cues. I'm always glancing at my radar, and I play with HD 595s.
  6. I lied the 1 is in front " Disconnect: STEAM UserID STEAM_1:0:531806 is banned. "
  7. I think CS:GO forces a 1 in the second spot. So My ID is 0:0:531806 But, in GO it's 0:1:531806
  8. Any updates on this front? I only have 4 servers on my favorites and yours was one of them. Love the map rotation, and overall atmosphere of the server.
  9. I respect your decision and I'll drop the issue. But if my word means anything I don't cheat. In large pubs I just expect someone around every corner and in every corner. My steamid is 8 years old plenty of hours in every CS game to eventually get vac banned if I did cheat. Have a good one.
  10. I would like a demo of my suspicious actions.
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