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  1. as long as we have 5 on I can't be on late because of wife And baby. And for that matter I try to scrim with anyone I. the Cevo team nightly at least once but the only ones on are xeek and khukie. all I need to know is if your on the roster then I expect you to play and practice as a team.if not then I will get others who have competitive interests. In all my experiences I have never been on a team that doesn't have good chemistry and I'm not going to start this season out pugging it.
  2. be on for practice 5/15/13 @ 6:30est-?. if our 5 isn't on i will have to fill the roster up with those who are dedicated bc preseason is right around the corner. khukie or myself will be running scrims from the start. we need to have time to work on chemistry.
  3. we need these 5 to be on to practice
  4. http://www.cevo.com/event/csgo-season2/roster/5132/
  5. this is a what I like to see.we need to have or starting 5 practice together as a team a lot.
  6. We need a practice schedule and a starting 5 ASAP... Reply your suggestions for a starting 5 and your free times... Starting 5 from current roster and please give reasons on why you made your choice.
  7. i may be a little late but @ 830 we are getting started. you should be in mumble and connected to osg scrim server
  8. practice weds @8:00est. if you want to play Cevo attend. we need to start considering a starting 5. as I did in the past I will leave it to the team to decide who they think should start in our upcoming matches.
  9. all of my practice times will be set to est. match times will be set to central unless I say differently. also everyone needs to have mumble installed and into our mumble
  10. anyone who wants to attend is aloud. no need to worry about exp of your play. first practice will be tonight 5/6/13 @ 8:00-9:45 if you havent signed up for cevo and are interested add me on steam. even if you dont want to play comp your still invited alot of good information will be handed out
  11. Well the funny thing is everyone was in the room and the midwife came in and did a little check under the blanket and then 5 mins later baby was out. shes a trooper tho. not in terrible pain like most say.
  12. Me and my son. the future cs prodigy. Super healthy and very much perfect. [attachment=719:shelllyandi.jpg]
  13. team chemistry is best found by having a solid starting 5 and a rotating 6 and do nothing but boot camp with that core group. as far a strats go I have all of our old stat books since I used to call. firstthing tho everyone wanting to play needs to take it to 110%. meaning know how to use voice clients properly and understand the basic spots and how to retake sites as a team.
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