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  1. When I stare at the walls most of the time I'm trying to listen/look at the radar for any information that the terroist was there. If not i'm alt tabbed looking at other stuff. Thanks for the input!
  2. I agree that it doesnt help being VAC'd banned and I learned my lesson from then. Never touched another hack since and with the years of playing with different people and playing different roles for other teams it just makes it unique. I would like to thank the people who I've been in contact with in trying to help me/putting their own opinion in there. I'm even more explaining my self in certain situations as well. Again I don't cheat and always play 100% legit and for the people who block me on ESEA are the people who get annoyed with me while I'm drunk as fuck(I guess im really loud while gaming) And thanks stevary for taking the time to look over the demo they had provided.
  3. Any chance you can send it my way to? Im just curious to see what I did that was in question, therefor I could possibly help understand why I did what I did.
  4. The VAC ban obviously I can't hide but that was ~5-6 years ago I believe and it was for source. The player locations I dunno because I had speakers on at the time, is there any way that I could see the demo? In all honesty I guarentee that I wasn't cheating and I'm 100% legit and its a pub where I would just assume/prefire/look around.
  5. 1. Alias: eldoN` 2. Steam ID: 0:0:9020001 3. Server: OSG 32 slot server 4. Date and Time of Ban: Sometime late last night(4-26-13) 5. What Led to the Ban/Your Side of Story: Your guess is just as good as mine... I was doing well (I htink 45-12?) and all the sudden out of the blue I got banned. I've been playing CS since 04' and played leagues through out the years. Here's my ESEA account to prove that I am a 'decent' player at best. http://play.esea.net/users/225280 Also there was only two OSG members whiich I think was Zoly and Small Asian B**Bies.
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