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  1. This what i got on the server. U hit something it looks like that
  2. Now new problem... I need help with. I uploaded fixed template. Please check it out. So the problem is only with Home and About Me buttons. I dont know why but when u moving mouse over they r zooming lil bit. Anyone knows why?
  3. SOLVED!!! So... After no sleep i finally fixed it. All thanks to my stupidity in slicing and FallenHoot u r a genious! I even didnt notice that each rollover image didnt had no border tag. Photoshop template i sliced using devide slice option. At the end i had only 4 buttons images, top and bottom. Then on each rollover buttons i used border="0" i omg src. And vuola.
  4. I will say u gotta adpot to the everything that happend arround you. Always upgrade your knowledges. New classes new courses and stay tuned with news in the field you are interested. For example. My friend huge fan of cars, motors and shit. He got diploma. Worked in the GMC meintenace shop. But its steady job and no future. You not gonna fix the breaker for entire life. So i advised him to go to the Mercedess School, then Warren Henry, Alfa Romeo. Right now hes so into this so by now hes the first of student who got his Tesla diploma. How many mechanincs for Tesla (car just came out on the market here in US). Now hes a chiefe engineer for Warren Henry, mostly for Friska. With 3 times more paycheck and 2 times less work. I got my bach in 2002 Project manager for bridges, highways,seaports and airports. Baisicly architect. Second was for LAN/WAN administrator same year. In NYC i went Microsoft Courses to get Win 2000 Server Administrator and Win NT Administrator. (2003). Then ITTech for graphik design, now i got my diploma for courses on 3ds max Interior. At home im learning new things in designing, it is my passion. This year in september ill move to the next step - animation design (gaming, movies, TV commercial). So bottom line, adopt and advance. Never sit on what u r doing right now. Now u r happy, in few days, month years u will get borred of what u r doing and u will want some more. Or you will grow up and will have a family - and your paycheck will b not enough to support, but your degree, diploma and experience is not enough to get a better job. Never sit in what u have. My opinion.
  5. First of all thank you guys for helping me out. Even without any luck still Thank you. Gallitin - What kinda IE u were using? The thing is this problem appears only with IE 8 IE 9 and even with IE 10. And also Active X is messing some things too. Kamekazi - When u r creating a website, in my case i was using Dreamweaver, u not creating it on specific browser. You creating it on special web program and then u r using browsers to do the live test on each step of your project, otherwise u will have a mess at the end. So in my case i stuck on my template. You have to test on each possible browser even on crappy Internet Explorer. There is a lot of not advanced users, im calling them Llamers (noobs), whos not familiar with anything else except IE. So i can't leave it just like that. It will show my unproffesionalism. Dragoon - Same here. I tryed all possible things to fix it and no luck. I tried to delete double spacing using <br>, <tr> in scripting. <br> did nothing but tr made it even worst, each image started as new paragraph. That problem appeared only when i used rollover on my buttons. I'm gonna try 1 thing and i think it will help. You c, i created template on photoshop, after i sliced it using slicing tool. But i made a big mistake, when i used slicing tool it created auto slice layers. So my template contain like 12 images 5 active and 7 auto slice layers. Im gonna try to use defferent way to slice it. And c what gonna happend. 1 found that sollution on the forum that Vanguard gave me, people saying that auto sliced layers Dreamweaver count as double layer, and Internet Explored messing and displacing images because of that.
  6. Ty Vang for reply but didn't helped me. This solution not for my case.
  7. Gallitin got it running stormilloart.com
  8. Nah not live yet. I just started. Tell me how, where and what and i will post the encoding.
  9. Web design is not my field but i need to create my web portfolio. So here is my problem. I did template on photoshop. Sliced it. Created RollOver buttons. But when im working with Dreamweaver here whats happening. Internet Explored [attachment=528:IEerror.jpg] Opera everything is fine [attachment=529:Opera.jpg]
  10. Progress... WOW RGB Converting fucked alot of things
  11. See Laydee now i cant answer on the answer. BTW my sister finished 7 years conservatory fortepiano. But shes working as a head leader in British Airways (u can c her in the movie about movie "Skyfall") :) hehe
  12. Sorta. Im graphik designer, but more into interior design (3ds max, Adobe family).
  13. And shes playing piano... Why im not wondering?
  14. While im dead in CS, on the other screen i was drawing or rendering something. Yesterday wasnt my day to play CS in pub, i was dead like 85% and all at the begining of the round. So i did this. Its unfinished. And i liked it. Decided to finish.
  15. zutron


    this is my scotish fold Asisa.
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