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    I'll probably be playing this weekend. I'm gonna give it one or two more chances to grow on me before I throw it by the wayside. So hit me up if you want, I'm running with the same name as always - Hilikus
  2. I'd go park on the Mayor's lawn, what a douche. Where abouts do you live? Gotta love this awesome springtime weather.
  3. Tight group musically, Chains is damn good song, I think I'm a bigger fan of With Broken Wings. The only thing that I've never been able to wrap my head around about this genre is the screaming. I've never liked it. When that dude stops with the screaming and actually sings, this band sounds really tight. I'm totally sold on the dual guitars, those two mesh really well, some elements of A7X (even M. Shadows stopped screaming, and check out there sound now. RIP Rev) with some Slayer undertones, I really dig that. Its just the screaming.....holyshitbatgirlwtfishesayingRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR/fart?? Thanks for the link, I'm more than likely to give this a few more listens then probably support your peeps with some denaro.
  4. I gotta say, so far this game makes me want to get a refund. There's no depth, missions are easy, repetitive, and for the most part boring. The story line I couldnt tell you about cause it captivates me that much, Arks are a boring spam/dodge fest that become repetitive after the 1st few times doing them, not to mention all the retards that kill the small spiders making for a very long ark event. Perks are pretty weak for the most part, I've read of people not putting any points into perks and have no problem with the game without them. There's no social atmosphere that one would expect in any MMO, be it the RPG or TPS types. And having to replace weapons as you max them, just bugs the shit out of me. I've wasted lots of scipt modding weapons only to have to replace them a few hours later to continue leveling said weapon skill. The one mission that I ran like 5 times was worthless, very little loot, mostly money which seems worthless unless your constantly modding. I haven't PVP yet, probably won't, my understanding is that its full of peeps using the cloak/stealth perk with a sawed off shotty running around one shotting people in the back every 30 seconds, if I wanted that I'd go play WOW. I'm sitting at 210ish EGO, and have no motivation to bother logging on. I've looked for these supposed 8 pages of patch notes, and haven't seen anything that defines what they intend to do with this game as they implement new content. I had high hopes for this one, but so far I'm nothing but disappointed. I thought about catching the TV show, but chances are its gonna blow too. TLDR: Save your cash if your thinking of picking this one up, at least till they have added more content or buy Borderlands 2!
  5. Hilikus


    Ugh, I think I finally talked myself in to buying this........ For those playing, do you see yourself still playing this game in 3-6 months?
  6. They stopped, standing in place. Not a drastic change by any means.
  7. Are you guys playing on console or PC? I thought about picking up a PS3 copy to give me a reason to actually use my PS3, which is nothing more than a netflix console at the moment.
  8. Anyone played it yet? Reviews?
  9. Hilikus


    Such a weird concept. I don't think i would want to be a writer on that show.
  10. Interesting changes for hostage maps, me likes.
  11. Its been a pretty consistent problem for over a month now for me at the least. I'm always getting around 5-10% choke with 1-2% loss at times, sometimes I get 0% choke and 0% loss but it never lasts. Its not my system causing the problems, which I originally thought was the case. I've been playing on other servers that are located further away and have 0 problems. There was some relief when Gallatin talked to Gameservers about it, but it doesn't seem to have lasted. Perhaps setting the automatic restart to be later in the day, before prime time starts might be a temporary fix.
  12. Where - OSG Competition Server & OSG Teamspeak Server When - Start forming after tonight's meeting. Have match started within 15 minutes of meeting closure Who - Any OSG member and or recruit that wants to play
  13. There's actually been a few scrims in the previous days. They seem to start round 8:00pm cst. I know you wanted to scrim last night, but by the time you logged on and asked, we had actually just finished one 10 man. I for one would be good with establishing an official scrim night. We can start by having an unofficial scrim night tonight. In house (members and recruits) 10 man. I would like to see it start by 7pm cst, but can see that we probably won't start until 8pm cst. Best way to get a seat in the scrim, idle TS until one of the wranglers shows...
  14. I do believe I'm gonna go ahead and pick it up.
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