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  1. Gohda

    Happy 4th!

    Woo yeah blow shit up! Happy 4th to all you 'murrikans!
  2. Yeah dude that's us. Just a handful of the older members are still around. Gallitin, Decoy, myself, Diesel showed up to the forums once or twice... :P
  3. No experience but it's definitely on my list! Are you certified, or going tandem/AFF?
  4. What's the difference between ArmA 3 Lite and the Alpha? Like ArmA 2's F2P version? I have five or so DotA 2 keys too. Not really a fan of the game.
  5. 80s yesterday and about half a foot of snow today, gotta love it! The snow will be gone by the weekend as always.
  6. I just got a new Deathadder, if something falls through with the above I may be able to donate my G5... first gen.
  7. Those guys are straight evil. I swear I'm doing the same things they are, why don't I get all headshots? ;)
  8. I have high hopes for the map workshop. Not just to see map remakes of old favorites, but Decoy's second link, being able to easily edit a map to a different gametype just looks downright fun. As one of the commenters asked, can we get Control Point to be an official game mode? We just got assault back as an official map, what do all of you want to see come back? My #1 that I can think of right now is cs_estate. So much love for that map. Back when OSG had a diminished web presence and no server, I joined up with [usbdt]. The United States Beer Drinking Team. One of their members had start
  9. [quote name='gplaydee' timestamp='1359750728' post='7964'] In that case: Romeo Must Die Hero House of Flying Daggers ... basically anything with Jet Li in it. [/quote] That list and no Fearless? FOR SHAME!
  10. Gohda

    Meme Thread

    [quote name='Puss in Boots' timestamp='1359129277' post='7379'] LOL! The cat gif of stealing food is EXACTLY what a couple of my cats do. Just 2 nights ago I was eating cookie dough ice cream while doing some fianance stuff for the family and my cat hopped on my desk. I moved my bowl away from her and she immediately put her paw on my bowl and yanked it back. I yanked it back, she yanked it back. I let her sniff it because normally she thinks it's a bowl of cereal and she likes the sugar milk. Like a fool, she LICKS MY ICE CREAM so I yank it back. She just looks up at me, stares at me, the
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