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  1. Gohda

    Happy 4th!

    Woo yeah blow shit up! Happy 4th to all you 'murrikans!
  2. Yeah dude that's us. Just a handful of the older members are still around. Gallitin, Decoy, myself, Diesel showed up to the forums once or twice... :P
  3. No experience but it's definitely on my list! Are you certified, or going tandem/AFF?
  4. What's the difference between ArmA 3 Lite and the Alpha? Like ArmA 2's F2P version? I have five or so DotA 2 keys too. Not really a fan of the game.
  5. 80s yesterday and about half a foot of snow today, gotta love it! The snow will be gone by the weekend as always.
  6. I just got a new Deathadder, if something falls through with the above I may be able to donate my G5... first gen.
  7. Love the spring weather. It was almost 70 degrees on Monday, and then we got over a foot of snow yesterday.
  8. I'm pretty close to Hili on this one. Musically they sound pretty good even though its a bit harder than I normally dig on myself. The screaming I'm not a fan of whatsoever. One of my favorite bands over the years continues to be the Deftones; I think they give the proper example of when to sing and when to scream. I listened to most of the album. Musically good and very well produced, just not my style. :)
  9. As in, you have a copy to gift to me? ;)
  10. I didn't go to college and run the IT department for a construction engineering company. Equivalent experience and certifications are far more important than what school you went to, and in some places, IF you even went to school. Most IT degrees are focused more on programming or true engineering. If you want to get into break-fix support, you can have any degree, or no degree at all, as long as you have certifications. To be on topic, one thing I've gotten back into that I missed dearly is martial arts. I'm doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu right now, and some Muay Thai if I really want to punish myself. You learn some great skills, improve your physical being, and for me personally, it's an amazing stress reliever. I've been sedentary for several years now, so bringing my physical capacity and capabilities to where they used to be, let alone improving on that, has been very difficult. Power through! I've got perhaps the toughest Tough Mudder (aside from the Toughest Mudder) coming up on June 9th, and really have to crank up the intensity to get there. I'm lucky to have a small mountain within walking distance, so I've been trying to get up that at least once a week, and as the date nears, I'll be doing loops on the mountain to cover the equivalent distance of the Tough Mudder. About four loops at close to a 5K apiece, combined with the 1300 odd feet of elevation gain... the pain is GOOD. I really do need to focus more on professional development, as I've let some of my certifications slide. I'm slowly trudging through a CCNA study guide, and the wonderful stack of Server 2008 books to get whatever the MSCE equivalent is these days. It's much easier just to keep calling it the MSCE! :P
  11. Those guys are straight evil. I swear I'm doing the same things they are, why don't I get all headshots? ;)
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