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  1. Complete patch notes: [ WEAPONS ] - Further adjustments to the AUG/SG553. [ MAPS ] - de_mirage: Minor bugfixes. - de_vertigo: Fixed bombsite naming, other minor bugfixes. [ OVERWATCH ] - Improved Overwatch test case distribution system. [ MISC ] - Whitelisted convars sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed and sv_vote_kick_ban_duration. - Added a server concommand "removeallids" to unban all user IDs. - Keybindings are no longer processed in front end when not connected to a server, fixes unexpected keybindings processing in main menu and when chatting in play with friends lobby. - Fixed players in invalid
  2. Curse is out already. Americans lose of course. They picked the worse maps idk why... oh well... NiP almost gets sent home http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ByALyDIBeFI
  3. Lots of CS going down this weekend. Group Stage is about to start. Should be interesting. http://osgamers.net/dreamhack-summer-melee
  4. works pretty well I used it to make this videos for you guys.. I just haven't made anymore because there really hasn't been that much demand for anything (maybe ppls didn't see my post) but this is how the video came out if you want to see the quality. http://youtu.be/R8mzZgGxLsU only in 720 because my game would not be able to handle 1080 but I'm sure with your new pc it would be perfect.
  5. stadium seems legit... New football stadium is about to go up. Terrorist have a different plan for it >.< http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=152107049&searchtext=
  6. Mirage is out... http://wp.me/p2EFwv-BG
  7. Yeah understand why they want the games to be connected to the internet or at least connect once every 24 hours for security reasons but to no have an offline option for gamers or borrowing games its like... sheeeeeesh. I guess thats why they will continue to support players with the 360. What is this the third or fourth makeover? Ridiculous. I was SO MAD I missed the Halo screenshot. I was just in awe of seeing master chief on screen I simply forgot.. Oh well. I had a lot more gameplay pics too but the quality came out so bad since things were moving around so much.
  8. Pretty nuts how great everything looks with cloud computing. http://osgamers.net/xbox-a-new-generation-revealed edit: Tried to get more gameplay footage but most of my screenshots look terrible since stuff is moving so much so... SORRY lol. Tried to get as many games in there as possible. edit 2: Most important fact right now (or i guess 2) There will be a new Halo and the Xbox One will cost $500. No news on other pricing or subsidizing prices but that is all for now.
  9. yeah but its the whole reason why they were more expensive. Stealth Mode.
  10. Anyone want some ice cream? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=526457117414270&set=vb.170901143077174&type=3&permPage=1
  11. first thing everyone should do... Take off the god awful carpet and pray there's hardwood underneath. Also liked how you broke down that wall to open up the living room. Good call for sure.
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