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  1. off topic- whats your laptop spec for cs? Ill be traveling alot for work soon and i may need to get a laptop.
  2. My brain hurts after reading keys for Christine
  3. sounds interesting but what about shift and ctrl?
  4. so excited couldnt sleep in.... have a good one everyone!
  5. I think it ahould be left on because ita casual play. When I play and dobt have money I usually loot someobe elses gun lol.
  6. #1. I dont watch tv but I honestly got directv just for this show. Btw where can I read the comic?
  7. Glad your back. Now get naked and dance
  8. Get well. Seems like that and stomach flu is going around.
  9. Gall.... lmfao. Is that really yours? Ill be scared to go near that. I dont even think homeless people would want that. Back to topic. I got a leather one and had it for 5+ years. I really wish I got one of those mesh net looking ones. My god.... so comfy. Either way just make sure its a full back instead of half ones
  10. I wish the best for you and your family!
  11. my specs are intel i5 2500k @ 4.5 8gb asus p8p67 deluxe 1279 mb geforce gtx570 -- just downloaded EVGA precision X and made a huge difference. im almost never running below 190 fps and mid 200s
  12. I agree. My fps looks much better. In se maps I get over 200fps while norm map I get 130-170.
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