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  1. Ryan Kesler has been photobombing the Canucks all season.
  2. Unreal Tournament. I have never had so much fun in an online shooter... Domination (i think that was the mode) was a hell of a good time.
  3. atari


    never heard of it....and i work in the digital media space, so i usually have a pretty good pulse on these things. any time people try convince others of magical methods of making money online, i get wary.
  4. xcom is a blast. although i couldn't beat it, which frustrated me. even on the easiest setting it's hard. although i did play the ironman mode, so i guess i could have turned that off...
  5. atari

    Name Change

    Request denied.
  6. atari

    Sleeping Dogs

    haven't played saints row 3 (or any saints row games) i don't like GTA or Just Cause 2, but i'd say Sleeping Dogs is closer to GTA in terms of story/gameplay, but does have some of the action elements in Just Cause 2. it's actually a little weird that i liked Sleeping Dogs so much, yet am not a fan of sandbox games...
  7. they aren't evil - they've just chosen their way of generating revenue. unfortunately it's not very customer-friendly. you don't have to buy the game.
  8. i'll be buying it sometime this week. big SC fan
  9. Picked it up during the steam sale back around the holidays because i didn't think it'd be worth checking out "another sandbox game" for full price when i don't really like sandbox games in general. i'm blown away. it's a great game...i can't stop playing. The story is good, albeit the characters are a bit on the boring side. the gun play is awesome and a lot of the action sequences feel pretty badass. the downside is that the cars handle pretty poorly with a PC, and some of the controls are a tad hard to work with (i think it must be a port). but i'd HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who even remotely likes GTA games or action RPGs.
  10. watch me play, and then do the exact opposite of what i'm doing...think of it as the Costanza principle.
  11. sweet thanks for the heads up. i'll probably pick up dishonored!
  12. https://soundcloud.com/jmarsmusic/the-lake-ft-shawn-welch-prod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W8fRFLYNpc
  13. the "one life and you are dead" dynamic of CS makes a lot of game modes seen in other FPS' difficult. I would like to see some type of Cops and Robbers mod available though, where when you die you instead go to a "jail" and can be rescued by a fellow team member. That way it doesn't stray too far from the current CS model, but puts a nice spin on things.
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