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  1. Christine


    that cat is beautiful....good story : )
  2. when i say mali....yall say bu............ mali.......booooooooooo!!!!!
  3. no one make oilrig yet? i might be a loner for liking it....but was always fun......and 747 : )
  4. for dumb computer ppl like me...do i put the file into my map folder....or take everything out n then put into my map folder?
  5. i do baseball and football.....yahoo is good....what u thinkin.....head to head or rotisserie
  6. time for some freaky ass south african shit lol http://youtu.be/cegdR0GiJl4 http://youtu.be/vhmO6NuFMRo
  7. Christine


    [quote name='Gallitin' timestamp='1359999264' post='8139'] Knew some people would act this way. Can't do anything without insulting someone these days....Now Dodge will prob have to put out another commercial to apologize to everyone that got butt hurt. [/quote] i agree with this statement : )
  8. im usually available to do these from 4-9 but that 8 clock time we did em on was good : )
  9. i havent played in any other pubs......but have been told by some ppl in server they have heard of us : )
  10. Christine

    Me Gaming

    easy fix......steal elements monitor : )
  11. im rdy to kill cops and rob banks with u all.....would be an honor : ) plus we can kik kitty out of our gang ..and blame it all on him : )
  12. [quote name='gplaydee' timestamp='1359645010' post='7781'] Trust me, even if both people in a relationship game, it's still difficult. Van's always nagging me to spend alone time with him. Hahahahahahhaa [/quote] time to find a new van : )
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