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Found 1 result

  1. Searching for a Rust Legacy server that doesn't have abusive admins or is overun with hackers? Search no further, NO DURABILITY, NO DECAY, WIPES EVERY OTHER MONTH this Rust Legacy server has an active admin who only uses admin to ban hackers that manage to slip past some of the toughest Anti-cheat and Auto-ban's avaliable for Rust Legacy, other than that he's readily avaliable to assist in anti-griefing or teleporting a friend whose lost to ensure maximum fun, This server is being hosted by NFO servers which has roughly 5x the Memory and 10x the CPU of the machines Multiplay uses but even better as this server has the entire machine to itself with all the extra Memory and CPU, in short this means this server should not lag with a high population online and skyscrapers everywhere!, 24/7 DDoSing support, and custom rules that enhance the game such as Rare C4 ensuring C4 spam will not be an issue but still able to be found in small ammounts, they also have the /groups plugin that allows friends to add each other to a group which allows friends to not accidently team kill each other, they also have /remove that allows you to remove foundations and pillars if you happen to mess up, once something is placed on them however their unable to be removed, also you can remove and carry a workbench with you, on weekends they do the battle of the groups, where groups face each other in an arena far out in the wasteland for far/decent prizes and its recorded/uploaded on their youtube as well as placed on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RustLegacyAddicts, also a friendly group will be building a wall with building space inside for noobs/fresh spawns to get more easily established when first starting. there is a donation deal, those who donate $5 recieve 100 Wood Planks and 1 Supply Signal, $10 dollars 75 Low Quality Metal and 1 Supply Signal they also have a 100 slot mumble channel, wanting a personal mumble channel for your group of friends to use to communicate on the server? let them know and they'll hook you up, Ready to have a wicked sick time? come on in heres the IP: net.connect
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