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If you want to send me the demo I can probably better explain my actions too. There are somethings that are hard to explain, like staring at a box in order to better pinpoint where an enemy is behind it.

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I sent a message to him for the demo. If a demo isn't provided by EOD today, this is self-resolved. He may just be busy as I haven't seen him on the forums since he posted in this topic last. Please just be aware that if he comes back later on with a concrete demo, a permanent ban will be issued and will be posted about in here.

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The only suspect thing I saw was me switching to a flash and thinking about flashing middle...then switching back to my gun and the window awper decides to peak again. If I was walling and I knew he was going to repeak, why wouldn't I prefire it or at least preaim it?


I've said this once already. If you study a good player long enough there will always a couple questionable things that happen.


You should rethink your banning process at least for "questionable" players. I like this server, but when an admin bans a player first then asks questions later it only leaves a sour taste in the player's mouth.


Again, I'm trying to respectfully voice my opinion here. Don't take offense to anything I'm saying, just trying to explain this experience from my eyes.

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