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Steam Support blows

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I have steam on my laptop, but when I try to get it on my new rig. Yep. Steam needs you to verify it. So it send an email to my account. I never get this email. When the email does show up it tells me that it is too old. What gives? 


I created a ticket at Steam, which is funny cause you have to sign into steam. I did that. Told Steam what is going on. They just have shitty support. 



This is not making me a happy camper. Anyone else ever have issues with Steam Support?



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Yah I had an issue once.  I bought a game and the DLC (i think it was borderlands 2) ... the DLC worked for 1 day then it said I needed to purchase it again...  it took 7 days to get the issue resolved.  2 days for their first response... then they only responded once a day.  So they'd ask for some info, no matter when I sent it, it would talk almost a full 24 hours to get a response.  Ugh.




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