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Optimum Rates for OSG 128 Tic Public Server

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Actually it does. It all ties together. Just because I have a gigabit connection to the net does not mean I can browse quickly if I have a slow machine that cannot take that information and render/process it quickly. Same as if I have dial up and a top of the line pc, doesn't matter how quickly I can process as I'm not receiving.

That said if you have a powerful pc and a nice connection you will be able to tell a difference when playing the game with different rates.

I'm also in the it/development industry though that's not a substitute for cs experience.

But I guess if its working for you I wouldn't change it.

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A CPU (even the old 86 from intel) can preceed over thousand/millions of processes. Its mainly the networkcard which is important here.
So no, this is only a network case we got here. Every CPU which get csgo to run proceeds ALL the packets within the amound of ticks/frames within the unit. That definetly isn't a CPU issue we got here. Of course you can optimize your rates. But playing between 100 and 128 won't give much sh!t. Also you wrote that you use 300 (which is default) fps as maximum. So if you really want to get a smooth and reliable (optimized) gameplay you should decrease the value if you dont get constantly 300 fps. THIS is PC related stuff you really can mess with. As an example you can mess with the interpolation which defintively would change more as the DL/Up-Rate. Again i dont recommend this for you guys tho. Why? Headache. If you do it wrong you would mess it up. Also this would mostly not globally work (in other servers which use different settings and your latency to them).
Wow i wrote today way to much, lol. Just wanted to give some advice on not wasting time to it :=)

Cya on server.

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