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Hey guys, some people are having getting started in the game and we don't have an official guide yet so I'll just leave this here as a placeholder in the meantime.

Upon logging into rust for the first time, you will quickly learn it is very difficult to stay alive, Here are some helpful tips to help you survive your first night :

How do I open my inventory?
Press Tab

How do I get wood?
You can get wood by hitting a tree. However, it's better to find a pile of logs in the world - these will give you quite a bit more wood per hit

How do I get food?
You can gather meat (currently chicken breasts) by killing any animal and hitting its corpse with a melee weapon. The meat will appear in your inventory, but it will be raw

How do I cook food?
You need to make a camp fire (5 wood) from the crafting menu, and place it the food into it by holding use (E or mouse3) while aiming at the camp fire and selecting 'Open'. You can then put the food into the appropriate slots. Pressing E on the camp fire will also turn it on or off

How do I place items?
Drag the item into a slot near the bottom of the screen, this is known as your belt or 'quickslot' and will activate when you press the corresponding key

How do I get stone?
There are various resource nodes distributed throughout the level, they work the same as a tree, except you receive various types of stone/ores

What do I do with ores?
You can smelt ores into their constituent components by putting them into a furnace, much like a camp fire works

Does my stuff save when I quit?
Yes, your items are saved, however your body is still in the world 'sleeping' and can be killed by anyone who finds it. It is recommended to log off in hard to see places, or inside your own shelter

What's a sleeping bag for?
A sleeping bag is effectively a respawn point, You will spawn at your most recently placed sleeping bag when you press 'Camp Respawn' upon death. Be warned, you can only spawn at a sleeping bag once every 5 minutes.

What button opens the console?

You can also read a community driven wiki here http://playrustwiki.com/ - It contains some useful information!

Some helpful tips:
Using voice chat (v) can be an effective way to determine another players mindset, or to communicate that you are friendly, be warned however many people are liars and thieves and will claim friendly under the guise of murdering you and taking all your stuff.

It's best not to build your shelter close to resource areas or other high traffic areas where curious players may decide to break in and see what you have

Stay away from people who are armed!

If your framerate is lagging hard and you've already gone fullscreen at a lower resolution to no avail, you can turn off grass by typing 'grass.on false' into the console (F1)

Post any additional questions and I will update this as often as I can, Hope that helps a bit!

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