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[US] Glory Hole


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[uS] Glory Hole
Hi, we recently purchansed a 250 slot chicago server, our parameters are ( Oxide mod,Door Sharing, instant craft, PVP , Sleeper, ArenaCOMP, and Prizes) Air drops dont start till 10+ people and will go up as population goes up, we have active admins with the power to teleport and ban but only one has the power to spawn. This will eliminate admin abuse completely. Trusted players will be given access to ban, kick... until we can confidently say we have admins on 24/7, right now there is very little time that admins arent on. We arent going to ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you though and say we are on always. We do sleep and work, so there is periods in time when admins wont be available but it is be minimal and with a growing POP will be eliminated. (This will adventually give us a HACKER free server).
We are striving for a high populated PVP, fairplay server in which cheating is non existant, cheaters will be investigated and banned. We also Offer a competition based where we will building. CS style aim maps, rockfights, bowfights, and much more, as well as we are open to suggestions for competetions in which winners, will be given a prizes to use in the actual game. PVP or building resources.
We want this to be as enjoyable for you as it is for us. ABSOLUTELY ZERO ADMIN ABUSE. Please help be part of community of players that have fun without cheating, greiving and nothing but fun legit rust pvp. Admins are on 90% of the time and a here to assist and keep cheaters to a bare minimum.
We look forward to seeing you and keeping rust, a fun legitimate cheater free community! is the ip if you have trouble finding it.
Hey OSG, wondering if you guys could help support building a community of legitimate rust PVP.
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