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KnowYourEnemy.co.uk [BetterLoot | Loc | TP | Stack] Loot Towns | Admin | RAD Arena


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  • SERVER NAME: KnowYourEnemy.co.uk [betterLoot | Loc | TP | Stack] Loot Towns | Admin | RAD Arena 

    PVP map, craft, build, fight, raid, rules, Admin 

Server Features
  1. Loot Towns: Abandoned towns and stately homes full of goodies for the taking (NO RADIATION)
  2. Better Loot in all barrels and chests:
    • There’ll be no empty barrels or chests
    • Default blueprints or bullshit items simply won’t drop
    • Stackable items drop in appropriate stack sizes (e.g. Apples)
  3. Player Location: use /location or /loc for coordinates
  4. Teleport: use /tpr to request & /tpa to accept (home teleport coming soon)
    • Countdown: 5 seconds
    • Request Duration: 30 seconds
    • Daily Limit: 5
    • Cooldown between TP: 300 seconds
  5. Stack size: 10000
  6. NEW – Remove tool: /remove and hit target ( lasts 30 seconds )
  7. Compass: use /compass to get current view location
  8. ANTI-Cheat/Hack system
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