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Rustraya aims to bring the feel of Legacy to Rust Experimental. The server has been hand crafted to generate a fair and fun game environment heavy towards Survival, Raiding as well as steady player progression.


Detailed list of Plugins:


- x5 Gather


-Basic Anti-Cheat


-Custom Anti-Cheat (Designed specifically for Rustraya)


-Re-designed Loot Tables for 






-Anti Raid Towers (Fall damage after a certain point will kill , not wound players)


-Teleport and Home commands automatically disabled when being raided


-Auto Doors


-Player Built structures auto removed after 1 week without connection.


-Custom Auto and Manual Serverwide Events (Maze, DM, TDM, Clan DM, King of the Hill)


-Better Chat


-Vote for our server on Rust-servers.net and you receive a Supply Signal


-Insta Craft except for High-Tier loot.


-Old Toolcupboards (Actual Sphere building zone , Not a dome.)




-Rules GUI


-QuickSmelt (10x Smelt, 100% chance for Charcoal)


-Large Stack Size (65536)


-Death Notes


-Home Teleports with restrictions , Must be on own or friends foundation.


-Teleport Requesting


-Custom Mini-Map and Ingame map GUI


-Instant Bulk Crafting (Gunpowder, Lowgrade fuel.)


-Radiation only present at the Sphere Dome.


-Player Trading Commands


-No Decay except Twigs




-Well Fed


-Wipe Schedules with in-game Warnings


-Leveling system.



Visit our website : http://rustraya.weebly.com


Jump on our Teamspeak : rustraya.streamlinegames.com


Come and play :


Hope to see you in-game!

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