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NordicPugs: Introducing a new 5v5 gather server

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  Quick info


Nordic Pugs is a freshly started CS GO server that focus on bringing competitive to the public community servers.


  How it works


The server runs automatically using a gather system that will start the game when 10 players have written "!ready". A votemap will now appear and the players vote. When the map is changed everyone have to type "!ready" again and the game will now go live. When the game goes live an MMR system will start to gather statistics to give each player their own "skill points". When a team get 16 rounds the game will end and return to warmup, meaning its safe to leave or type "!ready" to play another game.


  Server info


Name: [128 tick] Nordic Pugs | 5v5 Auto Gather System [MMR]

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

IP/PORT: theon.dathost.net:18107

Connect now: connect theon.dathost.net:18107


Hopefully there are some europeans here aswell! :)

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