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|Modded Rust Server - 5x Gather - Kits - Anarchy Survival|


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Hi! Have you been looking for the Rust Server just right for you? Well you have found it. This server includes all the plugins needed to have the best experience in Rust and to see what the game is really capable of! This server has a very small community but all of the plugins are fully configured and this server is ready for whatever comes at it.



The plugins that make a difference on the server include:


Quests: Gives you supplies for when you finish the mission given to you.


Item Skin Randomizer: Everything that you make that has a skin for it will randomize it to any skin that's ever been posted.


Kits: Type /kit and you can list all the kits available on the server.


Lusty Map: Gives you a Mini-Map and a full map of the server that you can follow your way to the different rad towns. (You can activate it or deactivate it.)


No Decay: Wood doesn't decay over time.


Event Manager: Scheduled events that you can play either, Death-Match, Team-Death-Match, etc.


Happy Hour: Gives you random items chosen from the list on a scheduled timer.


Gather Manager: Sets the gather rate (Everything you mine, hit, collect, etc.) multiplied by 2.


Economics: Adds an economy to the game. Type /balance to check it out.


Door Share: Allows you to share doors that are locked instead of giving them the code or key. 


Clans: Create your own team and make a clan!


RustIO: See where you are and see the map live on the website, playrust.io!


Anti Cheat: Makes it so people can't use their hacked clients.


Cornucopia: Sets it so loot doesn't only spawn in rad towns.


Server: Anarchy Survival |5x Gather|Kits|FastCraft/Smelt|Quests|Clans|


These are just SOME of the plugins we have on Anarchy Survival. It could really help us out if you could log on and even share the server with your friends!






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