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Awp and autos

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Okay, so at first I was against restricting the awp or the auto, but I think i've changed my side. Reasons being:

-On certain maps, if one team starts winning a few rounds in a row, and get a good amount of money, bam, the whole team has awps. Especially on aztec with CT's, and dust with ct's.
-Once the game becomes an awp fest, people start leaving or really, really complaining in chat.
-In 1.6 I had no problem with them, but it just seems like when you have an excess number of awps in one game on cs:go, it's just not as fun.

My suggestion:
Limit awps and autos to 3 per team. I understand it's a pub, but just an opinion :)

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Repeat topic, but I'll reiterate my feelings, ban the mother licking auto sniper so the greasy haired basement monkeys can't pad their stats with it like the no talent ass clowns that they are.

I'd be ok with an awp restriction but unlimited is fine too, there isn't an awper on this server I can't serve two nicely placed ak bullets to their mouth before they know what to do anyway.

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I think people need to just stop complaining about awps and autos period. We want our server to be as normal as possible. Normal is not restricting guns or limiting them. Also, its not the fact that there is 15 awps on the other team, that is the problem. The problem is there is 7-10 people watching one door with rifles or snipers. That is the joy of playing 15v15.

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