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ESEA Invite Finals Weekend

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Instead of watching the craziness on the news I'm going to be tuning into the ESEA Invite LAN finals this weekend.


The allstar game will be kicking off the event at 5 CST / 6 EST today at:





Allstar lineup is going to be:


North American All-Stars

US.gif Curse Gaming US.gif Skadoodle

US.gif Curse Gaming US.gif anger

US.gif FLAMING         US.gif kiko

US.gif Dynamic          US.gif n0thing^G

US.gif Quantic           US.gif DaZeD


European All-Stars

SE.gif NiP                    SE.gif f0rest

SE.gif NiP                    SE.gif GeT_RiGhT

DE.gif nfaculty            DE.gif asmo

PL.gif ESC-ICY BOX PL.gif neo

FR.gif VERYGAMES  BE.gif ScreaM

The winning team of the All-Star game will earn their region the highest seeds going into the double elimination best-of-three bracket.


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